Numbers underlie everything in our world. As Plato was famously recorded to have said; “God geometrizes continually.” In this book we find out why, as Theun Mares explains the origin of numbers and shows why they permeate the structure of our lives, including our names. In straightforward and simple terms we are shown how to work out our complete numeroscope, beginning with our Destiny Number, our Soul Urge and Personality type. We learn the meaning of our first name, our BirthPath, Middle Name and the significance of our unique signature, as well as other vital numbers, including our Power Number. In addition to the exoteric meanings of our numbers, Theun provides the keynotes of the esoteric values, illustrating these with reference to the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Of enormous use when computing different names is the fact that, apart from the English Alphabet, Theun also gives the numerological values of the Spanish, Greek, Bulgarian and Russian alphabets, since these have unique and hidden variations.

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