About Toltec Legacy

Toltec Legacy is an online teaching facility that accepts people who are serious about working with the Toltec teachings and who are willing to deposit a subscription fee.

By subscribing to the Toltec Legacy you will receive

  • Enormous amount of material that is mostly personalised guidance that Theun offered to his apprentices, as well as recordings of recent retreats by Theun.
  • All books in the original language
  • Convenient navigation on all available materials
  • The ability to keep your journal on the site
  • Support from the Toltec Legacy Team

Subscription fee

  • One year at 189 euros
  • Six months at 105 euros
  • One month trial for 32 euros

For more information write to subscribe@toltec-legacy.com


When I first came into the Toltec Legacy I was shocked by the amount of information available in the site and in the section with articles conveniently sorted by table of contents for each term. Of course, I introduced myself in the Living Room to indicate my presence, but it was extremely difficult for me to join the flow of what is happening there, because I was out of context and it seemed to me that everyone was discussing something which has nothing to do with me. Then I began to start my own threads, ask questions or just share what is happening with me in order to listen to feedback, get support or guidance. So a whole year passed, after which I finally joined the stream and learned how to use this portal with a positive result. Thank you so much Sotirios for the opportunity to become a subscriber of the Toltec Legacy due to the bartering!


Quite long time I know about Toltec legacy and that there are training those who already grasped Teachings from books and ready to go deeper. Gradually I reread books in English and intend to try to join it after final grasping Male book. But all of a sudden everything goes another way than I think – I feel an urge that I must join Toltec Legacy (moreover at that time I know that there is new half a year subscription option) and after a little but very intense inner resistance yet I find funds and join.

In reality everything inside is not quite as I also think 🙂 Above all what I found there is a message board, a place for communication of likeminded people. But regardless the stage of learning they are at. First of all it is an opportunity for mutual share!

Living Room is a place in which I feel support and get help in overcoming limitations of my perception. For as it is boundaries of our perception prevent us to meet with other people in intimate interaction. That is a place where friendly support and guidance from battle-seasoned members for solving my challenges is present, guidance based on their own experience of fights in the similar conditions.

In general in this place I feel very good balance between nurturing of a participant vs. challenging him.


For me, Toltec legacy is a place where time after time I find great support not only in mastering the Teachings but also in applying them in my daily life. In addition to the huge information base, thе main, of course, is communication, because it is the opportunity to share my challenges, share knowledge and experience, the opportunity to not be afraid to be a real, vulnerable, combined with the unspoken rule to give each other most honest and ruthless answers, gives the accelerate impetus (aka kick the ass), new powers to move forward and fills with the feeling that you are not alone on walking this difficult path. And, probably, the most important thing for me in Toltec Legacy, as well as in the Toltec Teachings themselves, to seriously master which this resource offers, is a sense of belonging to something greater, to something that gives hope, to the timeless wisdom that helps me not just survive, but gives me a chance to become the master of my life.


I promised to tell my friends about the experience of a monthly subscription to Toltec Legacy – a legacy inherited from the life of Teun Mares – Nagal, an extremely mysterious and big man, close and distant at the same time, adored in absentia and causing a sickly itch with the tasks set.

I’ve heard a lot about TL. The guys said that this is a place of very warm, almost family communication. Teun’s closest disciples, who have worked side by side with him for many years, participate there.

It was difficult for me to start writing this review because the value of the TL atmosphere did not strike my eye. I’m used to the fact that the Toltec Teachings are a warrior’s path, however, I still largely remain in the grip of fixation on the fact that the basis of the warrior’s path is attack and defense. What to do, it is.

One of the first messages I received on TL in response to my greeting was that this is a place of friendship first and everything else second. These words were spoken by Sotirios, the man who became the master of this resource after Theun. Therefore, I treated his words with the utmost respect I could.

However, my habits of an inhabitant of the predatory world, naturally, remained with me and soon, I began to find that I was falling into emptiness in my communication. We can say that I was looking for a gate that would be worth it to shiban at it, but they were not there. This led to some confusion :))

The topic of conversations in the “living room” (in fact – a forum on TL), all the time revolved (at least, it caught my eye) around the technology “comra” and in particular – coherence. And you know, coherence (in the meaning of “consistency”), it seemed to me, is the hallmark of this place. At a subtle level, it seemed to me that in response to touching the TL community, something in my chest was imperceptibly thawing. An analogy comes to mind with this brainchild of Teun’s team – the “comra” technology again. Like the work of the TL team and the laser are built on the same principles. However, it’s not for me to explain to you that based on the principles bequeathed by Teun, it should be so.

I would like to thank Aleksandr and Ekaterina Knyazev’s, as well as Dmitry Gorbunov – Russian permanent members of TL, for their invitation and valuable tips.