Challenges of the Present Day


On 13th June 1995 there occurred what has been to date perhaps the most significant full moon in the history of humanity. On that day all life upon this planet entered an unprecedented era. Although man in general is as yet oblivious to the momentous changes which took place on that full moon, he has nevertheless been catapulted into an experience which will soon begin to materialise its effects upon the physical plane. These effects will gradually become clear for all to see, and it will be then that man will recognise for himself that his old and comfortably-familiar world is now slipping away rapidly. This is a new age in which time can no longer be measured in years, for the radical changes that have been initiated are precipitating a vastly different world, which is coming into existence hour by hour. Mighty forces of the universe, of which humanity is wholly unaware, have been brought into alignment, to focus upon our world, and through the effect of these forces a new humanity is being moulded.

The great wheel of evolution has turned and, in turning, it has brought man back to a crossroad first encountered in that far-distant time when life flourished upon the ancient continent of Atlantis. Today man must face and bring to a conclusion that which was initiated eighteen million years ago. Therefore, what the esotericists have termed ‘The Dawn of the New Age’, is in fact also ‘The Day of Reckoning’ predicted by the prophets of doom. This was the day that was marked by the full moon of June 1995. It is not the end of the world as this has been commonly understood, nor is it the New Age as it has been anticipated, but this day did mark the end of the known world and the beginning of a time in which a new world is even now being established.

At a time when world turmoil, confusion and emotional hysteria seem to have become the norm, it is no longer easy for men and women to discern with any certainty what is transpiring in the world today. The current sophistication and freedom of the news media, coupled with the advent of television, have not only brought world events and extraordinary thinking into the homes of millions of people the world over, but have also contributed towards an ever-increasing prejudice based upon separative views and a lack of the much needed knowledge of universal law. Exposed to snippets of information, which are often ingeniously put together in such a way as to apparently prove a fashionable concept, men and women everywhere are today being bombarded by all manner of political, socioeconomic and ethico-religious theories, expounded by an alarming number of misguided individuals – individuals who more often than not are the unconscious victims of a personal inner drive to promote their own self-importance.

In order to gain a proper understanding of what is being offered here as an explanation of what is really taking place in the world today, it will help to bear in mind that the world is not what it appears to be. There is much within the unseen realms of life upon this planet, and for that matter within the universe, which evades the comprehension of man’s foremost thinkers, and even of the Toltecs’ most able seers. Notwithstanding this, Toltecs nevertheless do have at their disposal enough knowledge and personal experience with which to challenge a great many of the haphazard heories currently being put forward by a lot of man’s present-day prophets and spiritual teachers.

In this respect it must also be remembered that Toltecs have ever known that the Toltec teachings are the property of no one man or group of people, but are the common heritage of all of mankind. It has therefore always been an unequivocal fact amongst Toltecs that once man has come of age he will have to be instructed in taking charge of his awesome inheritance. This day has dawned, and it is for this reason that Toltecs have been instructed by the Guardians of the Race to step forward once again and draw man’s attention to his natural heritage, and in the process also inevitably to challenge much of what is today regarded as spiritual guidance.

The first step in this process is relatively simple, but the effects of introducing man to his divine birthright are profoundly significant. By being able to compare present world knowledge with his natural heritage, man will at last be able to discriminate wisely, and thus will the one true light emerge, sweeping all before it into the much-needed transformation within every sphere of human endeavour.

To come of age is no simple affair, because it entails understanding one’s true purpose in life, and the acceptance of one’s responsibility to oneself and to the world around one. If we are to achieve clarity on this issue when viewing humanity as a whole it is important to realise that Toltecs have always mirrored for man his own evolutionary progress. This in effect means that the history of Toltecs is in reality the history of mankind. Therefore, the disastrous outcome of the ancient civilization of Atlantis, as well as its reflections across the subsequent millenniums, is but the profile of humanity itself, and Toltec history should accordingly be viewed as the mirrorimage of the unseen influences that have dictated the course of history. To bring this into erspective, let us briefly summarise the position of Toltecs, since they reflect how humanity as a whole stands today.

Toltecs are men and women who wield a great deal of power, but Toltecs also have to abide by the laws of universal evolution. The warrior’s command is indeed the Eagle’s command, but this does not mean that the warrior commands and the Eagle obeys – it means that the warrior understands and knows the purpose of the Eagle, and so follows the dictums of power. It is possible to turn one’s back upon universal law and to ignore the purpose of the Eagle, but to do so is to repeat the mistakes of Atlantis and to stray onto the path of the black arts. Many a Toltec has erred in this way, and today millions of people the world over likewise walk the path of black magic, even though they may claim innocence. Yet the time has come for us all now to clearly state where we place our allegiance. No longer can we pretend, or sit on the fence, or procrastinate. The forces which swung into full effect on 13 June 1995, and which are forcing man to make a stand for what he believes in, are no less than the forces of division demanding conscious choice and discrimination.

It will be remembered from Volume One that for millions of years Toltecs have continued their precarious existence behind the scenes, carefully concealing their work and activities from the prying eyes of the general public. This covert activity has been essential to Toltec survival, because long periods of persecution by various enemies, coupled with the termination of lineages through natural disasters, have reduced the number of Toltecs in the world to a mere handful. Sadly, however, even those lineages that have survived are no longer bound by a common goal. Today these lineages stand divided into two definite groups. On the one hand, there are those who are considered to be of pure stock, and who still guard the true inner teachings in their entirety; on the other hand, there are those who, although still carrying the name of Toltec, have nevertheless wandered off into byways which lead ever further away from the Path of Freedom.

The term ‘Toltec’ means a man or woman of knowledge, and the common goal of all true Toltecs is to walk the Path of Knowledge, which ultimately also leads to freedom. The sacred trust bestowed upon Toltecs is that, in walking the Path of Knowledge, they will guide others wherever possible towards this same freedom. Therefore, wherever the teachings have been allowed to degenerate into practices which are based upon separativeness and self-aggrandisement, those Toltecs concerned can no longer be considered worthy of the responsibility inherent within the name. The time has now come when this same yardstick should apply equally well to all those who present themselves as spiritual teachers of humanity.

This split within the Toltec ranks is but the product of that first split which occurred when the White Emperor of Atlantis and his followers, dedicated to walking the Path of Freedom, were forced to part ways from those of the brotherhood who were bent upon pursuing the black arts. Since then there have been many similar splits, and always for the same reason; namely, the abuse of power and the abandoning of the sacred trust.

The division within their own ranks is an ongoing problem for which Toltecs have never really found a solution. Human nature and the temptations posed by power are such that it would appear that there will always be those who sooner or later succumb to the lure of self-importance. Whenever this happens, bona fide Toltecs have no other recourse but to sever all ties with the one who has faltered and to turn their backs upon him. Regrettable as this may be, the sad truth is that it is not possible to help anyone who has wilfully traded impeccability for self-importance.

Moreover, it is important to know that there exists an extremely tenuous mind-link between all fully-trained nagals, and also between these nagals and the Guardians of the Race. Even during the dark times following the implementation of the Doctrine of Separate Development, this mind-link has remained operative, as it is vital to the continued existence of Toltec knowledge and power. However, once a nagal’s actions have become less than impeccable, this mind-link is broken. Once broken, the mind-link cannot be passed on to the succeeding nagal, nor is it easily restored. Lack of the mind-link results in complete isolation, and this brings about a deterioration in the purity of the teachings, due to a limited vision. But, more importantly, once the purity of the teachings has started to suffer, the practices rapidly become personalised and inevitably degenerate into what is all-too-often an abhorrent mixture of superstition and falsehood.

This problem is the very same that today faces the whole of humanity. Never before in the history of man has there been such worldwide disunity. The world today is divided everywhere; churches are divided, esoteric schools of thought are divided, politicians, educationalists, medical practitioners, and even scientists, stand divided. This immense division has brought about a sense of gross separativeness, suspicion, fear and hatred, and as this takes root more and more deeply, man finds himself the victim of an ever-increasing sense of confusion and hopelessness. Abundance has given way to poverty, social wellbeing has been supplanted by violence, and security has been superseded by fear, as even family units are now being torn apart by the wave of segregation.

The reason for this worldwide disunity is simple, but nevertheless also profound in its implications. Man has, quite simply, reached adulthood. No longer content with having to accept at face value the rules which have dictated its childhood and adolescence, humanity in general has become antiestablishment. Impatient to be heard, and anxious to flex their psychic muscles, people of all ages and from all walks of life have begun a planetary revolution against the accepted authorities of society.

This has always been the predictable and inevitable outcome of evolution, but so strong have been the effects of social conditioning that the majority of peace-loving people have, in their fear of change, always chosen to ignore the demands of the revolutionaries. However, today, as more and more people join sides with the rebels, social authority is finding it increasingly difficult to ignore the demands of these people and to keep their actions in check. Furthermore, since lack of true communication between these two factions has always been the greatest grievance, no one is any longer certain what the real issues are. Consequently, the authorities are fighting a battle to maintain a social system which even they are beginning to question, whilst the revolutionaries are fighting for a cause of which they too are no longer certain.

In this kind of situation it is hardly surprising that there has been such an upsurge of lawlessness. There have always been those people who can only be termed social dropouts, and who therefore have no particular values to offer anyone. Such people are not interested in a social order of any kind, and so will support any group which is anti-establishment, regardless of whether or not they actually believe in the ideals fostered by that group. The group in its turn, often highly emotional, and therefore lacking in clarity, and in addition feeling the heavy burden of being in the minority, will welcome without question anyone who is willing to join its cause. In this way, many a wellmeaning group which has had a legitimate cause to begin with, sooner or later finds that its ranks have become infiltrated by scum, and thus the movement itself has become deflected from its original objectives.

There are also in the world today far too many individuals who have seen in this general state of confusion an opportunity to push their own ideals for selfish gain and to elevate their own self-importance. In this respect it is staggering to see the growing number of self-styled prophets and spiritual teachers who have emerged from out of nowhere over the past forty years or so. Admittedly some of these people have had a little knowledge to begin with but, hampered by a limited vision, and driven by an over-inflated ego, they have taken full advantage of humanity’s general sense of confusion to promote their own self-worth. Some of the more ambitious individuals from the ranks of such as these are today even trying to claim Toltec status.

In all this confusion, the deterioration of man’s belief in orthodox religion has done nothing to help the situation. No longer able to believe in the narrow-minded and thoroughly outdated teachings still being pushed by many theologians who have long since ceased to adhere to the truth within their own teachings, a great many disillusioned people are today turning elsewhere to find answers to their questions. However, not having the necessary knowledge with which to discriminate between falsehood and truth, these seekers more often than not fall prey to the highly uestionable teachings of unscrupulous men and women who like to believe that they are gifted truthsayers.

Many of these self-styled truthsayers, like the overly ambitious politicians of the world, have latched onto the concept that humanity does not take kindly to the idea that the wool is being pulled over its eyes. Consequently, we find today all manner of stories which have been fabricated around the idea that somewhere there are a group of people conspiring to keep humanity in the dark. This is happening in every department of human endeavour, but most noticeably in politics, religion, and science. Since there is already in the world such a marked sense of confusion, suspicion is easily created and, consequently, whenever someone comes forward with yet another story of conspiracy, there are always those who are ready to listen, and even to believe.


Perhaps one of the most remarkable and, at the same time, alarming examples are the many stories and consequent beliefs that have sprung up surrounding UFOs. This is just one example of a great many similar situations which point out very clearly how confused and muddled man’s thinking has become. Let us therefore, for the purposes of this book, use the example concerning UFOs to elineate clearly the difference between sane sensible thought and that which can only be described as confusion.

It is not the sightings of UFOs, or the existence of extraterrestrial beings, that are in question, but rather the many conjectures that have sprung up around them. Toltecs know from experience that the entire universe, including the planets within our own solar system, is indeed populated. However, within our solar system it is only upon the planet Earth that life is currently anifesting in physical, and therefore visible, form. This is the reason why the scientific community has not yet been able to come up with hard evidence to prove unequivocally the validity of the UFO henomenon.

The fact that the scientific community has to a great extent remained mute about their investigations into UFO phenomena is in no way proof of the fact that scientists are deliberately trying to keep humanity in the dark. On the contrary, it is, after all, the duty of science to promote the truth through the medium of sound investigation. The fact that scientists have to date been reluctant to divulge the details of their investigations is mainly due to their not having sufficient data to be able to make clear-cut statements about UFOs.

Unhappily the same cannot be said about the covert activities of many officials working under the auspices of political governments and their armed forces. Just as it is the duty of scientists to promote the truth regarding UFOs, so is it also the duty of the government of any country first and foremost to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its citizens. These two issues are by far the most important in relation to UFOs, and these should be addressed by the public, as well as its leaders, in the departments of both science and government. However, in all fairness to these departments, it should also be pointed out that it does not help the situation when members of the public jump to emotional conclusions concerning the reticence of scientists and government officials to speak up.

The situation regarding UFOs is a prime example of how a lack of communication does create an atmosphere of mistrust and suspicion. What really needs to happen is for government officials to acknowledge that they are the servants of the public and, as such, do not have the right to withhold information to which any member of the public should have free access. We are no longer living in an era in which every man is forced to obey his sovereign. The very essence of democracy demands that we all have an equal say with regard to our own life and future. No government official has the right to act secretly upon confidential information that could possibly endanger public security or, for that matter, could have worldwide repercussions in the long term.

Unfortunately, politicians often choose to forget this important fact, and since they can and do manipulate vast economic powers, it is unhappily also true that they normally do not find it too difficult to enforce the co-operation of the scientific community which, by the very nature of its work, is wholly dependent upon government backing and financial support. With regard to the subject of UFOs this sad abuse of power has resulted in the public becoming increasingly suspicious about the motives of those officials and scientists who have tried to avoid honest questions concerning UFOs. This in turn has only strengthened the arguments of those crackpots of society who have seen in this controversy an opportunity to push their own fanciful beliefs concerning extraterrestrial beings. The outcome of this debacle is that the question surrounding the existence of UFOs has been added to the growing pile of confusion and uncertainty, falsehood and superstition.

All this could so easily have been avoided if only people in general, irrespective of whether they are scientists, government officials, or average Joe, would acknowledge that selfimportance must give way to the common good of all, and that knowledge is not the property of any one man to be used as a tool with which to manipulate and control others. Man must learn to share his information and experience and, above all, learn the art of communication, so that true democracy can reign, and that all may participate in working towards the freedom and the wellbeing of all life. If government officials and scientists alike had from the beginning been prepared to share with the public the information they have gathered about UFOs, there would not today be so many nonsensical ideas surrounding this phenomenon, nor would there be so many excited friends of the aliens.

The real truth concerning UFOs and extraterrestrial beings can only be grasped in the context of universal law, about which most of humanity unfortunately is as yet completely ignorant. In this respect, it must be stressed that until science has grasped the fact that not all life-forms are dependent upon dense physical bodies with biological functions, the whole question surrounding extraterrestrial existence must of necessity remain somewhat obscure, and any explanation as to the truth behind this phenomenon must be regarded as pure conjecture.

The Toltec point of view on extraterrestrial existence is no exception. Therefore, rather than launch into complex explanations which no one can prove or disprove at this point, let us rather concentrate on those much more mundane issues that can lead to greater clarity of thought. In this way the reader can at least be pointed in the direction of sound thinking, enabling him or her to discriminate with greater wisdom between sobriety and the great many abstractions based upon haphazard assumption.

The foremost of these issues concerns the claim made by the friends of extraterrestrials that these intelligences have come in order to help humanity in these difficult times. In relation to this we should first of all acknowledge that in an unknown universe it is most unlikely that all alien life-forms will necessarily be more highly evolved than man; next, that aliens are unlikely to share man’s view of life, or for that matter, his ideas upon what constitutes basic human rights. As is all too clear to see in humanity itself, advanced technology and space travel are most certainly no criteria for measuring wisdom, nor are they a guarantee of friendly intent, or of right motive.

How can man really be so sure that these alien visitors are friends who have come to help? What sane thinking human being believes everything he is told? To believe an alien simply because it is an alien, and perhaps has the gift of the gab, is the sign of an extremely naive mind. To be impressed by strangers who fly around in fascinating craft with bright lights is utter foolishness. Also, to believe that such beings are saviours, only points out how superstition can supersede logic. There are a great many instances recorded in history of pioneers arriving in some remote part of the world, only to be revered as gods by the natives. Sadly, most of these natives quickly learned that their newly-arrived ‘gods’ were not always particularly loving or of kind intent.

If such extraterrestrials are indeed in a position to help humanity, then why would they avoid contact with humanity as a whole? It would surely be a lot simpler just to land a spaceship in the middle of a public square and identify themselves and their purposes openly. Why must these beings always sneak around, mostly in remote parts of the world, and choose to contact only single individuals? The argument normally put forward here by the devotees of UFO-mania, is that extraterrestrials fear man’s aggression. This, however, makes little sense, because beings who can transfer themselves through space at the drop of a hat must surely also have at their command enough knowledge and expertise with which to protect themselves.

Furthermore, if extraterrestrials cannot even protect themselves from human aggression, then how are they going to help humanity, when most of man’s problems stem from his aggression? It is time that those people who believe so strongly in the innate goodness of extra-planetary beings wake up to the truth concerning encounters with these aliens. To date none of the communications received from these visitors have in any way been significant in contributing towards solving the problems of humanity. So far most of the information imparted by aliens has hardly been news, nor has it contained any wisdom that is not already known. The real problem facing humanity today is not a matter of not knowing what to do, but of not wanting to implement the actions which have to be taken.

It is also reasonable to assume that those aliens who are more highly evolved than man, and who may therefore be in a position to help humanity, do know and recognise universal law. Consequently, such beings would also know that what is happening upon Earth today is but the result of an evolutionary process which was initiated some eighteen million years ago, and that if man is to benefit fully from this process, then he must be left to his own devices to fight out his future alone and unaided. Such evolved beings would therefore never propose to interfere in the destiny either of man or of the planet Earth. Through their knowledge of the laws that govern all of evolution, such beings grasp at a far deeper level than even man himself what is really transpiring upon our world today.

Even man’s own spiritual guardians, those Whom Toltecs recognise as the true Guardians of the Race, and Who have always guided man silently from behind the scenes, are today, upon instruction from the planetary being Himself, standing back, so that humanity can learn to take responsibility for its actions. As incomprehensible as this may sound, this stance adopted by the planetary being marks an important transition in His own development – a transition which is necessary for the furtherance of all evolution upon this planet, human and otherwise. Therefore any so-called ‘assistance’ from outside the planetary sphere must of necessity be seen in the light of unneeded interference. In this respect, and for whatever it may be worth, it might also be added that Toltecs, in spite of their knowledge of regular inter-planetary, and even inter-stellar, communications, have no firsthand knowledge of our planetary being having in any way requested help from outside.

Logically speaking one is forced to come to the conclusion that these alien ‘friends’, who impart their profound wisdom to a chosen few, are either the product of the individual’s fanciful imagination, or else, if they are real, are deliberately avoiding overt contact with humanity, perhaps because of hidden agendas or ulterior motives. Alternatively, it could also mean that these visitors from outer space, who just happen naively to bumble their way into the earth’s atmosphere, are in spite of their knowledge of space travel, not much wiser than humanity itself. If this is the case, then it would also explain why, in some instances, these aliens have apparently got themselves shot out of the skies, whilst others have been unfortunate enough to crash their craft on Earth.

As has already been stated, Toltecs are not so arrogant as to claim that they have the answers to everything, but they do understand enough about extraterrestrials and universal law to realise that alien spacecraft visiting this planet should by no means be taken at face value, neither should they be regarded as being automatically more evolved than man or, for that matter, of friendly intent. There are a great many ways in which to help someone, but not all ‘help’ leads to freedom.

Toltecs are the first to admit that inter-planetary communication does exist, and that such messages have often been directed at sensitive individuals capable of receiving these signals. However, such messages are always of a deeply profound nature, and never in any way imply that our own spiritual Guardians are wrong, or that our planetary being does not know what He is doing. Any message which, even if only by means of omission, implies that man should follow the advice of an alien race rather than the guidance of his own planetary being, should be regarded with a great deal of scepticism and viewed in the light of propaganda purposefully directed at misleading the human race. Toltecs have learned through bitter experience to retain their scepticism, and no small amount of caution, for if the stories of individuals who have had personal encounters with aliens are true, then indeed there is a conspiracy. Such a conspiracy though, if it does exist, is not likely to be centred around scientists or government officials trying to keep humanity in the dark, but could well turn out to be a threat from a force of which humanity is wholly ignorant.
Toltecs have long been aware that forces which threaten not only the survival of a species but, worse still, the evolution of awareness, do exist within the known universe. However, if such a force is threatening life upon earth through its devious moves towards friendship, it should not be taken for granted that such a force is necessarily alien. There are upon the planet Earth itself mighty forces at work which do not have for their purpose the evolution of awareness. It is not my intention to expound here upon such forces, except to repeat that everything is not what it appears to be. Although Toltecs do not uphold any of man’s naive misconceptions concerning Satan and his fiery domain, they have nevertheless ever maintained that the world is in truth a mysterious place, and that mystery encompasses both the light and the darkness.

All in all, it should therefore be clear that the controversy and confusion which has arisen concerning UFOs is not at all desirable at a time when humanity is faced with the problem of having to formulate and initiate a new world order. Obviously, if any one being or group of beings is trying to prevent this new order from being implemented, then the way to do this would be to create confusion and division in the minds of men and women, especially in the minds of those who are considered to be the spiritual leaders within society. Therefore, before jumping to all sorts of emotional conclusions concerning UFOs, man should instead be focusing his attention on right human relationships, including the use of communication as a vital instrument in the process of democracy.

It should also be made clear that people who advocate all manner of escapisms, so that man is encouraged to avoid taking responsibility for his own life, cannot and should not be trusted or believed. Such people, whether they are aware of it or not, are compounding the negative influences of social conditioning, and have no idea of what constitutes true freedom. These people are for ever very busy confirming to man that he is indeed a victim of circumstance, and very much in need of outside help in order to sort out his life. However, the only help humanity needs today is guidance towards taking full responsibility for its life, its past and its future, and towards taking a firm stand on issues of true freedom.

In this respect the example of UFOs is a sad testimony to man’s stubborn reluctance to accept responsibility for his life. Just as those souls who desperately cling to religious dogma are certain that God will save them, so the devotees of UFOs have convinced themselves that their extraterrestrial friends will intervene, either to save the planet from destruction, or to save humanity, by whisking it off to some other world. Some believe that a miracle will happen which will change everybody and everything in a flash of brilliant light. Others again, have placed their hopes upon the tenuous and as yet uncertain discoveries within the field of quantum mechanics.


Such is the story of man’s foolishness, and such has always been his arrogant insistence on believing in superhuman intervention to sort out the mess that he himself has created. It is no wonder then, as world disunity continues to escalate, that men and women everywhere are quietly beginning to fear the worst imaginable nightmares, whilst their world and beliefs continue to crumble. In their fear and subsequent sense of apathy, people feel unable to reverse the tide of destruction and, consequently, have generally come to accept that life is no longer a bright adventure of hope, but instead a desperate fight for survival.

Yet the world situation today is just the natural outcome of evolution, and what humanity sees as a disaster is in fact its fleeting moment of chance. Contrary to what humanity believes, all is not lost, for there is every reason to hope – indeed there is now more reason to hope than ever before. Man has had to walk this sad and difficult path of self-destruction in order to learn the true value of the priceless gift of life, and the awesome responsibility of knowledge. Learning is by far the hardest task facing any man or woman, and true knowledge never comes cheaply, for it can only be acquired through the rigorous experiences of life. There is no highway to heaven, and no easy solution to the problems facing all of humanity.

What depresses men and women most today is the unconscious realisation that the many false ideals they have held so close to their hearts, through their fear and inherent laziness, must now be replaced by a sane and responsible approach, if global disaster is to be avoided. People’s sense of depression also arises because they feel that they do not know which way to turn, or what to think. In this respect it will no longer help them to continue in their mad persistence in attempting to buy time, for on the full moon of June 1995 time had already run out. Humanity now has its back most firmly up against the wall – it is now or never.

It is precisely within this grim state of affairs that lies man’s hope for a bright new world – a world in which peace and abundance will once again be the common heritage of all life upon this planet. However, this bright new world is not about to appear out of the mist. Such a world will have to be planned and worked for. Therefore action is the order of the day, and sound sensible thought is called for. Panic or despondency will do nothing to improve the situation, nor will it help to place our hopes in some force outside the scope of humanity, whether extraterrestrial or superhuman.

Man today is the product of his own doing, and so too is the destruction that has crippled the planet. No superhuman power is going to release humanity from its responsibility, nor are any of us going to be rushed off to another planet where we can once again give vent to our uncurbed destructive tendencies. Anyone who believes in such vanity is in for a very rude awakening. Man has come of age, and the day has dawned when he must take full responsibility for his actions in the past and face squarely the future. To take responsibility for the past is the true meaning of ‘the Day of Reckoning’, and to face the future squarely is the challenge posed by ‘the Dawn of the New Age’.

It should be noted that the changes that took place on 13 June 1995 did not catch everyone unaware. It was imperative that no one, not even Toltecs, should know beforehand exactly when these changes would be initiated. Yet this day had long been anticipated by the Guardians of the Race, and therefore due precautions were taken by Them to do the necessary preparation.

Over the past two decades the Guardians of the Race have been establishing a network of warriors and people the world over. This work has been going on quietly, behind the scenes, without fuss and without public notice. Men and women with vision, and who are responsive to impression from the Guardians of the Race, have been placed within every department of human endeavour, where they enact their given roles, whilst silently awaiting further instruction from the Guardians. The purpose of this network is not to save humanity from its selfcreated destruction, but to provide it with the necessary assistance to take responsibility for its past and future once the need for change becomes imperative.

Realise that there comes a time in the life of every individual when he or she knows for a fact that it is not possible to continue with his or her existing life as it is. In that moment the individual knows that if peace and happiness is to be found, then a most drastic change is called for. This event is what is known as the Knock of the Spirit. When it comes, the Spirit of man metaphorically knocks upon the individual’s door, and the message given is brief, but overwhelming in its implications: ‘Follow me now without question, or remain where you are. I offer you freedom, but know that if I leave without you, I will not be returning’.

Such is the Spirit’s message, and the decision of the man or woman to go with the Spirit must be instantaneous if he or she is not to miss this fleeting moment of chance.

When the Knock of the Spirit happens for a whole group or race of people simultaneously it is known as the Cry of the Eagle. The Guardians of the Race have long foreseen that this moment is in the making for humanity, and it has been in anticipation of this momentous event that They have laboured in all earnestness ever since World War II. The world today therefore has these great beings to thank for Their far-reaching vision and meticulous preparation, for on the full moon of June 1995 the Cry of the Eagle was indeed sounded for the whole of humanity.

The Toltec network forms part of the plans the Guardians of the Race have made for lending man the necessary assistance now that the Cry of the Eagle has been sounded. The decision to disclose the Toltec teachings forms part of the service rendered to humanity by the Guardians of the Race, now that man has come of age. These volumes of the Toltec teachings form part of the fulfilment of an injunction from Them.

Cosmic law dictates that the Knock of the Spirit cannot be sounded until man is convinced that he has his back to the wall and that the sword is dangling overhead, for human nature is such that unless man is desperate, he will not risk everything on an impulsive decision taken in the moment. The same applies to the Cry of the Eagle. The decision to follow the Spirit, the Eagle, must be completely spontaneous and unconditional, for this is the way in which power has set it up. When the moment comes, there can be no arguing or hesitation.

Already humanity has worked itself into an uncompromising corner, and perhaps even by the time this book is in print it will have come to acknowledge the fact that the sword is now well and truly dangling overhead. Once humanity has come to realise this it will have the opportunity to go with the Eagle, or to stay where it is – the opportunity to use its knowledge and ability to build a bright new world, or to stay upon its present course of self-destruction.

The decision is humanity’s alone, and no one is going to force it into making a particular decision, except that a decision either way will have to be taken. Many will opt to go with the Eagle, and no doubt many in their stubbornness will choose to remain where they are. This will bring about the final but necessary separation. Friends, family members, men, women and children from all walks of life will stand divided as they choose which way to go. This division, sad though it may be, is the very same problem that Toltecs have recognised as continuing to exist ever since the first great split in the days of Atlantis. Now, however, humanity must bring this problem to a conclusion.

Those who choose to go with the Eagle will find themselves catapulted into a totally new and radical level of awareness – an awareness which will enable them to see and understand things in a way which has hitherto been beyond their capabilities. With this new perception and understanding they will clearly see the way humanity is destined to walk and, acting upon this new knowledge, they will begin building a new world. At this point it is interesting to note that precisely at this time, astronomers have announced the arrival within our solar system of the biggest and brightest comet ever recorded in history. Toltecs see comets as couriers, universal messengers, the appearance of which always marks changes of great significance within civilization.

The tide of evolution cannot be stemmed, and the forces of destiny cannot be avoided. Everyone will have to choose. The only thing that remains to be seen is how many will choose to follow the Eagle, and how many will choose to stay. As has already been stated, no-one can interfere at this point, for the decision is humanity’s alone, and thus every man and woman must decide for him or herself.

May the forces of light be strong enough so that as many as possible will choose to go with the Eagle. Should the majority of humanity choose wisely, then a new world order will be established; but should the majority prove to be too stubborn to change, the consequences for all will be dire. It is best to avoid trying to express what the consequences of a wrong decision will be, for the darkness which will result is of such an enormous, such a grotesque and ancient nature, as to be beyond description or imagination.

Let us therefore rather focus upon the light instead and set our intent upon a new world in which peace and plenty will bring harmony to all life upon our wonderful and breathtakingly beautiful planet. Let us decide to take heart and courage, for never before in the history of life upon Earth have the stakes been so high, and never before has the opportunity for humanity been so awesome.

Theun Mares, Toltec Teachings – Volume II