The WAKE UP Call of Covid 19

Corona Virus. How and why did we call it forth? What can we learn from it?

Dear Friends,

I have done some more pondering on the corona virus and its connection with the symbol of a crown and other connections. Kind of putting a jigsaw together. 🙂

What I have written here is part of a project to introduce humanity to their natural heritage in the form of the Toltec Teachings. The Toltec Teachings have been passed down orally from generation to generation until recently. They are now available to everyone in written format in the books written by Théun Mares. Théun Mares also created a website where a huge amount of his guidance is held and this online facility is also available to everyone.

I consider having access to both the books and Toltec Legacy a huge honour. Having all this information available to me has changed my life. I will be forever grateful to Théun and all of his family and friends who continue to make all of this information available to us. The Toltec Teaching have provided me with the tools to live life to the best of my ability, by slowly learning to passively accept the process of life. And by then learning to follow the example that Théun Mares showed us by actively participating in that process with all of our heart.

It is with a huge thank you to Théun Mares, his family and friends that I can share with you my article on how and why, I feel, humanity have called forth the corona virus at this time and also what I believe we can all learn from this experience.

It is up to each one of us how we will respond.

The first thing that comes up is how did the corona virus start? It is reported that it is a man made virus. That route will get me into making assumptions and possibly into blaming someone. I need to be aware of it but it will not provide the answer to my question. Believe without believing.

I need to bring everything back to my-self and ask myself how and why did I call it forth. How and why did humanity call this forth?

How did we call it forth?

I know that the more I learn, the more I realise that I know very little about this mysterious and truly amazing life we are all part of. I searched until I found the Toltec Teachings. I did not know what I was searching for at the time, but I knew there had to be more to life than what most of us see. I needed to wake up. Humanity as a whole needs to wake up at this time. The corona virus has created another opportunity to re-treat, to stop our normal doings and to look again at what is going on in our lives.

Because what is very important for all of us is to nourish ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Eating good food is essential for good health. Understanding life and our own behaviour will help us to stay balanced. Understanding our emotions, especially now to understand the fear we experience during this time. And our spiritual journey is reflected in how we nourish our bodies. We can ask what fruit did I give to my-Self today from the experiences I had? Am I nourishing my spirit/soul? Did I put aside some time to connect with my guardian angel, to be in the present moment and experience how that feels?

A friend said to me that when she went to the supermarket, she saw people with trolleys filled with processed and unhealthy food. How can our bodies serve us when we are not taking care of them? People are using “comfort foods” to fill a hole in their bellies that cannot be filled unless they begin to understand the event that created the hole. True nourishment comes with understanding how that hole, that emptiness came about.

On different occasions, when I had to leave home and live on my own for different reasons, I noticed that I was all the time feeling hungry. In the evening I would sit down and have my supper. One evening I noticed that I still felt hungry even though I had eaten more than enough food. I sat with it and I asked myself; “Why am I still feeling hungry?” I stayed with the feeling and I suddenly realised I was feeling lonely. I had experienced this feeling many times before. I was actually feeling sorry for myself and I learned that being stuck in this mindset is so destructive to myself. I decided to get up and to get out and do something to include myself in life. To stop separating myself from life. This changed everything, and the emptiness in my belly had been filled by the understanding of what was going on for me.

It may be different for different people. I am giving an example of how I experienced it.

Why did humanity call it forth?

Perhaps more of the scientists need to start to take into consideration that the body has a luminous cocoon and an energy field that is very much connected with the physical body.

The corona virus first infects the cells lining your throat, airways and lungs. Let us look beyond the face value. Why does it originate in the throat area? The 5th electromagnetic centre is situated in the throat and its manifestation is the thyroid gland. It is this throat centre that controls the lungs and the whole respiratory system. The function of the 5th centre is the expression of the rational mind.

The manifestation of all the main electro-magnetic centres (chakras) in the physical body are the glands. When the centres are not functioning properly, the glands cannot be functioning properly. It is the centres which needs to be brought into balance in order for the optimal function of the glands. Treating the glands will only bring a temporary solution. It is our perception of life that affects the centres. I suggest that it is our perception of life and how we view our life that needs to change.

Why is it so important to bring everything back to my-self and to make it about my-self? All the answers to all my questions are within me. Looking outside for answers will not change anything. It is I who must change first. Every time I acquire new knowledge by answering questions like “Why did I and humanity call forth this corona virus?”, I am getting a step closer to fulfilling fate in this lifetime. Doing an exercise like this gives me time for myself. I need to give myself that time to learn about myself and about my life.

A man told me a story one time about God creating the world. He said that when God created the world, He had a key to help with the answer to everything. He pondered for a long time where he would hide the key. He wondered on if He hid it at the top of the highest mountain or at the bottom of the deepest sea, humanity would eventually find it and then the purpose of life upon the physical plane would no longer serve its purpose. He decided to eventually hide the key within each individual. He said, “That is the last place they will search”. 🙂

Denying that we called it forth, will only call forth the lesson again as we will not have learned what the purpose of it is.

I was lying in my bed this morning treating myself with my Delta laser. I was in a lovely peace-full space. Then suddenly I had a seeing/active dream of a lone male wolf walking steadily and purposefully towards whatever he needed to do. I could see that he was fully alert to everything around him. We need to interpret our dreams. We cannot just take them at face value. I know the wolf is symbolic of freedom. My seeing/dream was showing me that Life is heading steadily in the direction towards freedom. And the type of freedom I am talking about is the freedom from social conditioning.

I had the realisation that the only way that I or humanity will achieve freedom from social conditioning is to first recognise and accept that we are all socially conditioned. Then each of us will need to start changing the behaviour that we acquired through social conditioning. I can start from where I am now by changing myself and my behaviour. I cannot change anyone else. It is up to each one of us.

The only way I can change anything I need to change, is to find what I see others doing, in myself, and then to change it in myself. Until I identify my behaviour, I cannot see it. I need someone to reflect it back to me. It is like looking into a mirror to see my own face.

The whole system of life is a complete mystery and I can do my very best to try to solve the mystery in myself but I can never even hope to solve it. Every little bit I do solve is taking me and the wolf another step closer to freedom. This, I feel, is what all of this is about. We have this time now to retreat and to look again at everything. To learn about human behaviour and use that learning in support of the purpose of life.

What can we learn from this?

  1. I believe that definitely a big part of the purpose of calling forth the corona virus is to wake us up to the fact that the majority of humanity do not listen to their hearts, that includes the majority of the scientists, and therefore the rational mind is working overtime and this is affecting the function of the 5th centre (throat centre) and also the function 4th centre (heart centre). The function of the 4th or heart centre is the expression of feeling.

    The natural way for all the glands in my body to function optimally is to have my energy centres functioning properly. It is our perception that needs to change. Dr Bruce Lipton has proved this scientifically. He has proved that there is an outside stimulus required to activate the genes in our body. That stimulus is our perception. If I am a member of a family who get heart attacks in their 50’s, then according to conventional medicine, I am a walking time bomb waiting for a heart attack to happen once I reach my 50’s. Dr Lipton does not accept this. He says if I can change my perception and have a different perception of life than the rest of my family, then those genes, that when activated can cause me to have a heart attack, may never get activated. When my perception changes, my-self changes. When I am real and see life as it is, my electro-magnetic centres are functioning properly, which means my glands are functioning properly and my hormones are balanced properly. I feel good and I enjoy my life and I am having fun. 🙂

    I always try to be aware of my state of being. In this way when something changes because of the way I have perceived it, I immediately feel it. This means I can attend to it in the moment and by doing this, I stay balanced and I continue my learning. What could be more exciting?

  2. While humanity insists on being dependent on the rational mind for its direction going forward, it is stuck in the known. The rational mind only knows the known and has no reference for the unknown. We are all in the unknown with this virus and we need, as an act of survival, to turn to our hearts now for guidance. Remaining in the known of the rational mind is keeping us stuck and it is keeping the evolution of awareness stuck and stagnant. I believe, this is what is causing the panic. People can sense that there is something more, but because of their fear, they are not giving themselves the time to pause and to listen. To listen to our own gut feeling, our intuition, for guidance.

  3. A Toltec is a man or woman of knowledge. In the Toltec tradition, when the body is referred to, it includes not only the physical body but also, the emotional and mental apparatus. We need all three to give us the opportunity to experience life to the full upon the physical plane. Toltecs refer to the body, physical, mental and emotional as the “tonal”. The tonal also includes everything, all of manifested life. For this part of the article, when I am speaking about the physical, emotional and mental aspect of our bodies, I will refer to them as the tonal.

    When our body is being attacked by a virus or whatever, and is struggling to fight off the attack, we need to look at our tonal. Have we got proper “tonals”? What part of our “tonal” needs attention? Part of challenge in life upon the physical plane is to acquire a proper tonal. Having a proper tonal can be different for different people. It depends on what we came here to learn in this lifetime.

    Perhaps it is the emotional part! That is evident at the moment as the corona virus has caused a huge amount of hysteria and fear among the people. I believe my body needs to be in balance for it to function properly. Fear when not understood can debilitate us or at least interfere with our capacity to find clarity in what is going on in our lives. All three aspects, emotional, mental and physical are all inter-related, inter-dependent and therefore inter-active. When there is something out of balance in one aspect, it will affect the others. In affecting the physical, it can also affect the functioning of our immune system.

    The condition of our tonal is reflected in our immune system. Our tonal’s purpose is to be of service to the spirit in fulfilling its purpose in experiencing life upon the physical plane. Toltecs have discovered that the nervous system and the immune systems in the body relate, and correspond to the spirit and the tonal respectively.

  4. We can also look at the correspondence between the tonal’s immune system and the evolution of awareness. We can see that the immune system has two aspects to it namely the innate immune system and the acquired immune system. To try keep this simple, the tonal also has two types of awareness namely innate awareness and evolving awareness. Innate awareness just is. It is an awareness we come here with. It corresponds to our innate immune system, which is non specific, meaning it does not protect against any specific threats. However the whole immune system is a system of relationships between the cells of the body and the major glands and organs. For the immune system to function properly, the acquired immune system needs to evolve and learn how to protect us against invasion by specific viruses, bacteria or parasites etc. To do this the whole system of relationships mentioned above must always be functioning optimally by co-operating intelligently with each other. When there is a breakdown in this communication we can end up with either immunodeficiency, acquired immunodeficiency or autoimmunity.

    We all come here to live our life upon the physical plane. The purpose of our tonal is to house and to be of service to the spirit/soul, the being that indwells it and is also the life force in the body. The tonal enables the spirit/soul to experience life upon the physical plane. And the spirit gives the tonal a purpose. Our purpose here on earth is to learn, to evolve our awareness, again though a whole system of relationships. And again unless there is intelligent co-operation in all those relationships we have here with the other people we meet, and our own relationship with our-Selves, the communication between us will break down and we will not have acquired the new knowledge we need to fulfil the purpose of that relationship. What happens then is, because it is part of our fate in this lifetime to learn how to co-operate intelligently in order to acquire new knowledge, the lesson has to be repeated to enable our awareness to evolve.

    When I am not learning from my challenges in life, I am not evolving my awareness. When my immune system starts to reflect this pattern to me, it is definitely wake up time.

  5. One of the strongest message that is coming from the authorities to help curb the spread of the virus is “Wash your hands”. “Wash your hands”. I am talking above about the importance of all types of relationships working properly. When I look through the list of the Toltec Universal Dream Symbols, I can see that the symbolism for hands is relationships. And I can even get further clues about the type of relationship when I look at the symbol for each finger. When we are in a relationship where the behaviour is destructive and we put up with it and therefore support that person in their weakness just for peace sake, then that is the same as not washing your hands. And everything that person touches going forward with their behaviour will be contaminated, infected or corrupted by that behaviour.

    Of course, I must also bring it all back to myself (wash my hands) and check if I am doing a similar type of behaviour in some aspect of my own life. I cannot see behaviour in another person unless I also have, or had, or have the potential to have in the future, that same behaviour in myself in some form.

    I often find I can be very hard on myself and what I sometimes see others doing to each other, I am guilty of doing it to myself. But I have also learned that anything I am doing to myself I will project it on to other people.

    For example, in the past when I would make a mistake, I would get angry with myself. I have done a lot of work to change this behaviour. I can catch myself getting upset now and I can pause (wash my hands) to get clarity with what is going on. I am still capable of getting angry when somebody challenges me and I have to be aware of this behaviour and work with my anger to find the clarity on where the anger is really coming from. A lot of the anger comes from my sense of self importance being challenged. I am now using the energy of the anger to find clarity (wash my hands) on why I reacted and also to acquire the humility to find what the other person is trying to bring to me when they challenged me.

  6. Looking at it all from another perspective. The word corona is giving reference to a crown. The symbolism of crown is self-importance. Have we all got something to learn here with regard to our self-importance? I know for me, as I already mentioned that every time my self-importance is threatened I can get angry as part of the preparation to defend my-self. It was happening unconsciously. I was in the middle of it before I knew it. When looking at this in relation to the energy centres in my body, me getting angry is going to affect the energy centres because of the way I am perceiving what is going on, and then this in turn is affecting the function of the glands and then my whole body. It was also affecting all of my relationships. If I can pause (wash my hands) and acknowledge that I am getting angry, then I have an opportunity to learn why did I re-act in this way. I know for me I have also tracked it back to my childhood. I am still, at times, perceiving life in the same way as I perceived it as a child. Re-acting like this no longer serves me and I am changing my perception to live a more balanced life.

  7. We could look at numerology and from that we can see that the number 2 carries with it the vibration of Humility and Understanding. This whole millennium begins with the number 2. This to me means that I need to get to know what is the true meaning of humility. This year especially 2020. We have two 2s in the year and this is the year the corona virus come to visit and make its present felt. Have we got the humility to look deeper into what this means for humanity. What message is life bringing to us now that we have chosen to give this virus the name “crown”? 2020 unfolding our fate and acquiring Stability (4) – (2020 = 2 2 = 4) through the medium of Humility and Understanding (2).

    Humility is the passive acceptance of the process of life. I would say that humility is very different to self-importance. With self-importance I cannot have a passive acceptance for the process of life because I want life on my terms. “I am too good to be challenged in this way”. “I do not deserve to get the corona virus”. Once this mindset starts, I am beginning to swing to the other polarity of egotism, which is self-pity, and the victim mentality kicks in. This on top of the huge fear that has been generated. What state am I in now? What state are all my centres and my glands in now? Much more stress! How can our immune systems work properly in this state? A lot to be learned. We call forth whatever we need to give our-selves the opportunity to learn. Whether we like it or not, the virus is here and the sooner we accept it as an opportunity, the sooner we will learn what we need to learn.

    I have learned that the purpose of life upon the physical plane is to learn and to evolve my awareness. In the process of learning, I can have fun and enjoy my time here and it also helps me to stay healthy as I do not have much stress when I learn from my challenges. What I learn, I can use again and I can also pass it on to whoever else needs it. This is empowering and it is life-supportive and is what is encouraged and is a big part of the purpose of Toltec Teachings in supporting humanity on their journey towards freedom.

  8. This virus is giving everyone the time to look again at what is going on in our lives! Forcing us to stop our normal doings. Time for re-treating all that has been going on. What all the fear is about? Perhaps it will provide us with some humility to look at the process of life and to ask ourselves some questions.

    Is there a process to life? Is there a purpose to life? If there is, what I am doing to participate in that process? How can any of us have the humility to passively accept the process of life if we have not yet dis-covered that there is a process and a purpose beyond what we can see in terms of being born, getting an academic education, getting a job, getting married and rearing a family. Then finally retire and die. Life completed. What did I learn about my life and about my-self while I was here upon the physical plane? We come here with nothing and we leave with nothing. We cannot take with us what we manifested in terms of form while we were here. The money, the house, the car and whatever else must remain. We can however bring with us the knowledge that we acquired while we were here. When we die, we will recapitulate our whole life. What did we learn? What do we still need to learn? There are many questions that can be answered in this time of retreating that we have available now. We need to use this time wisely to prepare us for our journey home.

This is what I have come up with. Perhaps you might also work with this technique to help find why this virus has been called forth at this time. Please do share what you come up with. When we all work together on something like this, we can all benefit from each other’s input.

A friend from Russia wrote to me and said “We need to learn how to discriminate wisely, We should remember that we are one people with one Dreamer. We should learn that if we choose to isolate ourselves from each other — we already loosed the fight for survival.”

Are we prepared to actively participate in the process of life? To practice unconditional love in action in support of the One Life? I believe we are all individual units of that same One Life that my friend from Russia refers to.

It is up to each one of us how we respond.

Thank you. 🙂
Patrick V Power

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