Théun Mares – An Introduction

Théun Mares, humanitarian and author, man of knowledge of the Toltec Tradition, is highly skilled in helping people to help themselves in building relationships. Mares has extensive knowledge of life and human behaviour and as an author of eight books, he continues to share a vast amount of the Teachings of the Toltec Tradition.

In this introduction we meet for the first time, one who has heretofore been bringing light to many quietly behind the scenes. The world situation is such that he chooses now to go public.

Money, Economics & Politics: A General Discussion

In this series of interviews on money, economics and politics, Théun Mares gives us his insight into what those human endeavours truly represent, how they are being used as methods of control, and therefore impeding our evolution, and how they could be used to intelligently uplift all of humanity. Issues such as taxation, debt, bartering. Insurance, interest, the banking system and different forms of government are all discussed.

Included are practical steps we can all take, to claim back our power as individuals, and as members of our respective communities, to bring about the change that is so necessary to our well-being as well as the freedom to create a different reality.

The Act of Perception and the Luminous Cocoon of Man

This video explains one of the most important concepts in our life – the act of perception. The way we perceive everything around us is so deeply at the core of our existence that we take it for granted. However, perception is truly a mystery. “The Act of Perception and the Luminous Cocoon of Man” reveals the true nature of man, the luminous cocoon and the assemblage point. It describes how perception occurs, how a person’s view of the world determines and consolidates it, the nature of knowledge, will and personal power. It shows what emotions are, what is the nature of their origin and impact. This knowledge can help change our life, because once we know and understand how perception occurs, we will never be able to look at the world as before.