Volume I

First in the Toltec Teachings Series, this book introduces the Warrior’s Path and the Toltec Path of Freedom. This is an experience-based approach to life, in which individuals are taught to value their own knowledge, gained through their own experience, more highly than information gained from others. Theun Mares introduces the basic concepts of this path, as well as the tools used by warriors in everyday life to build self-belief, self-reliance and self-empowerment – the true foundations for freedom.

Topics include: Your view of the world – how it defines you, how you maintain it and the steps you need to take to break out of it. The power of true knowledge and how this leads to unwavering belief in self and true success. Becoming aware of your social conditioning and how to start freeing yourself from it. The secrets used by warriors on this path to achieve lasting change and freedom. Why your weaknesses are your unrealised potentials and the keys to using them to realise your dreams.

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