Volume II

Life challenge or life crisis? The crises in the world today – and in our lives – are forcing us all to re-evaluate. How do we respond to life when we are challenged? What happens when life deals us “an unfair hand?” The message of Cry of the Eagle is that none of us are victims. Theun Mares explains why, and shows how you can use the warrior’s techniques to overcome your challenges and build a successful and joyful life – whatever your present circumstances or your past misfortunes. In Cry of the Eagle, he reveals how to use your challenges to build your belief in yourself and how to acquire the warrior’s invincible spirit.

Topics include: The Warrior’s strategy for success. Four essential qualities for successful action: clarity, strength, warmth and feeling. How to unlock the true power of believing. Learning to listen to yourself, and stopping your internal dialogue. Releasing the stranglehold of your past. Guilt and the essence of real forgiveness. Who and what are we? The nature and meaning of dreams.

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