Volume IV

What is true belief in self? How can we learn to believe enough in our own abilities to follow our own dreams with total conviction? What can we do to break free from our self-limiting doubts and fears – all that stops us from realising our full potential? The Mists of Dragon Lore, by Theun Mares, describes how we are imprisoned within the common dream – slaves to our past conditioning, with little control over our thoughts, feelings and reactions. In this book Theun Mares shows how we can use the techniques of the Warrior’s Path to recognise the nature of the dream and gain the belief and confidence in ourselves to wake up to our full potential and claim our freedom. Once we have woken up in the dream – once we have started to realise our potential – Theun shows how we can take full control of the circumstances of our lives and carve out a unique life, based on our own dream – a life filled with joy and meaning.

Topics include: Waking up in the common dream. How to acquire enough belief in self to control the contents of the dream. How to acquire the true honour of the warrior. The life challenge of stepping into the unknown. The powerful technique of learning to shift the focus. The meaning and existence of alternative worlds, and the mysteries surrounding the 21 different aspects of awareness.

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