Volume V

Freedom is not just a vague mystical concept – it sits right within your grasp. But what is true freedom, and how can you find it now?
In Shadows of Wolf Fire, Theun lifts the veils of myth as he takes us back to the roots of freedom buried within another time, another place. From these origins we discover the startling nature of real freedom.
A clear pathway is revealed through the timeless Toltec concepts encapsulated within the Rules of the Three- and the Four-Pronged Nagal, as well as the Sorcerer’s Explanation. These unique and intensely beautiful verbalisations reveal truths about life and the source of life that have always remained elusive – beyond the boundaries of our normal understanding.

Topics include: Escaping the limiting trap of perception. Finding heart in everything you do. Resolving the confusion and conflicts of. How to make the Bid for Power. Taking the Gap to Freedom. The keys to finding true friendship and warmth.

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