Volume VI

All of the Toltec teachings, compiled over aeons, are contained within aphorisms. The explanations of these aphorisms have always served to express the teachings in a manner suited to the relevant times. Yet at no stage throughout their history have Toltec seers transmitted this core of their teachings; namely, the aphorisms, in anything other than purely oral form. Now for the first time, the Toltec aphorisms have been committed to writing in their entirety by the Toltec and seer charged with revealing the Toltec legacy to humanity today – Theun Mares. These range from the simplest, given to an apprentice at the outset of his or her journey on the Path of Knowledge, to those given only after a great many years of painstaking endeavour in learning to become a true Man or Woman of Knowledge. The aphorisms have been assembled by Theun in such a manner that reflects the seven stages of learning, thus enabling seekers of learning to answer their own questions as they progress through the different stages of the pathway to acquiring true knowledge.

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