The importance of objectivity

Friends, I would like to give you some guidance on how to proceed from here.

First of all, please respect the mood of the warrior, as well as the honour of the warrior. There is NO VALUE in flapping and squawking around the joint like a frenetic chicken running around without a head! Yes, I have often told you that you have no time to lose! But, equally, PANIC yields nothing of value. It is within the QUIETNESS OF LIFE, whilst we are peeling the potatoes impeccably that the answers come to us! I NEED you to get on IMPECCABLY with your lives, ever mindful of even the smallest little DETAIL, for only in this way will you achieve that OBJECTIVE perception that is so badly NEEDED, as well as that true OPENNESS of HEART that will enable us to make a REAL DIFFERENCE within the world around us!

I know that I have been telling you some pretty frightening bedtime stories of late, , but there is no need to get spooked, jumpy, and seeing things that aren’t there! Believe me, there are enough REAL things that go bump in the night, without still allowing your MINDS to jump to all sorts of spooky conclusions! LOL!

I have been trying HARD to IMPRESS UPON YOU the deep NEED for cultivating a thoroughly OBJECTIVE perception, and to GUARD AGAINST separativeness! I have also tried HARD to IMPRESS UPON YOU that it is NOT Y who is the enemy! Y is just simply Y! But our REAL enemy is Mother’s Awareness fed by SELECTIVE PERCEPTION!

Sure, Y is a mother on a mission of her own! But do we not have Mother’s Awareness within ourselves? Sure, Y has a very twisted perception, because it is so highly selective! But is your perception not also selective? So BEFORE you turn Y into the enemy, first LOOK for the “Y” within yourselves! Our enemy is NOT out there, but right HERE amongst us all, within us! So I do not want to hear Y’s name any more, unless you have something of REAL import to share with respect to Y. I do NOT want to see ANY of you practice finger-pointing, and thereby become the very personification of SEPARATIVENESS! We are fighting AGAINST separativeness, NOT trying to EMBODY it!

There is SO MUCH for all of you to LEARN from all of this! But by far THE most important thing to LEARN is HOW to DISCRIMINATE between what your HEART is telling you, as opposed to what your MIND is telling you! Learn ALSO to DISCRIMINATE between true FEELINGS and interpretations of feelings based upon your view of the world, that is, selective perception! Learn also to DISCRIMINATE between true FEELING as opposed to flights of FANTASY born of the ILLUSION the MIND is so very capable of! In all of this, bear in mind CONSTANTLY, the very REAL NEED for basing our ACTIONS upon OBJECTIVE REALITY, rather than flights of intellectual fantasy!

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I am having difficulties in not focusing on only the negative. Also, by focusing on only the negative I find myself becoming more and more intense. Can you please give me some guidance on this?


The warrior strives to achieve a fully OPEN and OBJECTIVE perception at all times. To be objective means that you must look at the BAD in relation to the GOOD. If you don’t you will develop a highly SELECTIVE PERCEPTION with a BIAS towards either the positive or the negative.

Article on Toltec Legacy

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