The prerequisite for Inclusiveness

Consequently, if our actions are truly inclusive, meaning that they are life-supportive, then it is inevitable that any act of ours, no matter how big or how small, must and does reveal the inner self, the nagal, in a truly creative way that will always demonstrate the united efforts of the heart and mind working in unison to materialise the One Purpose, inclusiveness. Therefore, by living a life that is based upon true inclusiveness, our each and every act will always be characterised by love in action, as we strive to play our role in the unfoldment of the One Purpose. Thus for the warrior, life is truly a Path with a Heart, that is, an affair of the heart, or more precisely, the affair his own true inner self is having with both his heart and his mind.

If you are to have the power to change your perception, then you must take ownership of who and what you are at this precise moment in time, for the power always lies in the moment. The only way in which you can do this, is to have a level of honesty that can only come into being through an unequivocal willingness to be fully inclusive. Without that inclusiveness you will not be honest with yourself, and instead you will want to fool your-self into trying to own characteristics you do not have, and pretending to be someone you are not. But to be inclusive means that you own everything about yourself – the good, the bad, and the ugly, for if you don’t, you will be separative and in that separativeness you will automatically exclude who and what you really are at this moment in time.

Everything is life, and therefore everything is needed. Just because something is life-destructive does not mean that it is worthless. The very fact that it is destroying means that it is active, and therefore has value. Consequently the only thing we need to do is to change its activity from being destructive to being life-enhancing.

To make this as clear as possible, let us look at the example of discarded vegetable matter. Such matter does not need to be thrown away, for it can always be turned into life-enhancing compost. And if the truth be told, we cannot throw it away, for even if we do try to do so, it still turns into compost, except that others will gain the benefit of what was meant to be our compost.

Exactly the same is true of you and your perception of yourself.

There is nothing in you that can be thrown away. In fact, there is nothing in you that should be thrown away. All is power, and that power is you! Even that which is bad in you is part of your power, and if you are to change the rot into compost, you cannot afford to be separative. Instead you must be fully inclusive in your actions, your feelings and your thoughts. In other words, you must learn to have that true openness of heart that allows you to love yourself for who and what you really are.

However, although this concept is quite simple to grasp, it is nevertheless not so easy in practice. The problem lies in the fact that none of us are angels. As a result, when one really does become ruthlessly honest with oneself, it is a very human tendency to fall into the trap of feeling utterly unworthy, and therefore of wanting to hate oneself.

As a result, complete honesty with oneself is no easy task, but what is an indispensable help in this most difficult of challenges, is to open ourselves up to the world around us. By doing this, we quickly enough begin to see how everyone, and also everything, is for each of us a mirror of something in ourselves.

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