Numerology the year 2005

Friends, during the unfoldment of this year, 2005, we can expect the BEST as well as the WORST! The best as in a great SUPPORT from power, PROVIDED we are OPEN to receiving guidance; and the worst as in coming up against HUGE RESISTANCE from those that are CLOSED to receiving guidance! So you may find for example, that in going to the garage to have your car serviced, the service manager is remarkably friendly, open and attentive, listens with CARE, and services your car really well! But then in asking the plumber to change the plumbing in your bathroom, you may find him to be grumpy, stubborn, defensive, and having a million arguments as to why what you are asking for is not feasible, then proceeding to do a really bum job, wanting to charge you a fortune for it, and when you complain about his workmanship and price, threatens to take you to court unless you shut up and pay him!

2 + 5 = 7, (7) being the number of GUIDANCE. The reason as to WHY (7) is guidance is because in its most BASIC ESSENCE (7) represents the SACRED relationship between the SQUARE and the TRIANGLE, esoterically the relationship between the THREE and the FOUR, that is, the relationship between LIFE COMING INTO MANIFESTATION and LIFE MADE MANIFEST respectively. For more information on this you can read up on this relationship in Volume V, for it holds within it that GREAT mystery known as the HEPTAGON. As you probably know, man has not yet found a way in which to do an accurate geometric construction of the heptagon. The reason for this is that the heptagon is not a STATIC SHAPE or FORM, but is instead a DYNAMIC figure! Note the difference within the verbalization! Put quite SIMPLY, what this means is that the heptagon does NOT CON-FORM to the laws of geometry – a most interesting FACT when one considers that the principles of geometry otherwise ABOUND within the universe as a whole!

Furthermore, note the NEED for and the IMPORTANCE of CHANGE through ACTION, dynamic, versus being FORM-BOUND within a state of PASSIVENESS! Yet this is neither the place nor the time to go off on a tangent about the heptagon. I merely ask that you bear this inexplicable mystery in mind whilst considering the number (7), a number made up of two APPARENTLY incongruous FORMS, the SQUARE and the TRIANGLE.

Perhaps the best way to get a FEELING for what is entailed in the number (7) is for us to consider the Tarot Card allocated to this number. I am not sure if I have ever mentioned this to you before, but the Tarot Cards, of which the Marseilles deck is the most accurate, were originally developed and used by Toltecs as a form of covert public communication throughout the world whenever and wherever they were experiencing persecution of sorts.

Tarot Card number 7 depicts a YOUNG PRINCE riding his CHARIOT. In working with the Tarot Cards it is important to take careful note of the Dream Symbols. The young prince is holding his royal staff in his RIGHT HAND, whilst CARE-LESS-LY resting his LEFT HAND on his HIP. His BODY language suggests a REFLECTIVE and PENSIVE mood, but his EYES, although GENTLE, suggest a somewhat VACANT or HALF-ASLEEP state of awareness. On his SHOULDERS he wears two masks like epaulettes. These masks are those of the COURT JESTER or BARD. The suggestion here is that GUIDANCE is CLOSE to the EARS, but the expression on the masks is that of SULLEN DISAPPOINTMENT. Looking at the CHARIOT, we see that it has a canopy, suggesting that any guidance from “above,” that is from the Dreamer or the nagal, is POTENTIALLY blocked out. This is clearly reflected in the LOWER part of the CHARIOT, that is, within the AWARENESS of the Little Self, by the fact that the WHEELS of the chariot are placed at ODDS with the DIRECTION of the vehicle, whilst the two HALF HORSES are also pulling the vehicle in OPPOSITE directions, even though BOTH HORSES have their HEADS turned in the SAME DIRECTION, but once again to the RIGHT, rather than to the LEFT!

Yet if one looks at the COLOURS of the card as a whole, one sees that two of the four posts on the chariot are RED, whilst the other two are BLUE, just like the one horse is RED and the other is BLUE, meaning that the TONAL and the NAGAL are EQUALLY PRESENT “above,” within the world of THOUGHT, as well as “below,” within the world of INSTINCT. This suggests that there is the POTENTIAL for bringing together MAN and the ANIMAL, MAN the true SELF and HU-MAN the little self! There is also HOPE that this IS possible at ANY time in that upon the front of the Chariot is an insignia displaying the letters “S” and “M,” meaning SON and MAN, that is, the Son of Man who is the Son of God, which is only right considering that the BEING depicted within the card is the YOUNG PRINCE. However, like all young men, the prince too THINKS that he already knows it all, and therefore rather than removing the canopy of his chariot, he stands looking out upon the world with CARE-LESS ABANDON, DREAMING about his future whilst allowing his horses to guide him wherever they manage to get to, having no DIRECTING REINS, that is, no direction from him, no PURPOSE, and pulling in opposite directions, as are the WHEELS of his CHARIOT!

If you study what I have shared with care and with insight you will grasp a great deal about the CHALLENGES inherent within the vibration (7), but added to these challenges is the fact that this particular (7).

What should be our approach to this year? A (7) vibration is inherently dreamy and therefore the NEED to strive to remain FOCUSED and ON PURPOSE at ALL times, whilst being CLEAR on WHAT we NEED to DO and on HOW to ACCOMPLISH this! Furthermore we should guard AGAINST being complacent, arrogant, overly self-assured and SELF-IMPORTANT! We also NEED to remain OPEN to guidance from ALL sources ALL the time, and to turn WITHIN, that is, SEARCH our HEARTS, in order to constantly RE-ASSESS what we THINK we know, and to RE-EVALUATE what we THINK we need to do!

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