Intelligent co-operation

Intelligent co-operation forms the very basis of manifested life — it is the glue that keeps everything together and, at the same time, makes possible the evolution of awareness. Intelligent co-operation between male and female, between man and the world, is an act of listening to the heart, so that the chaotic unknown can become included within the known. Intelligent co-operation is therefore an expression of that elusive love, which evades the understanding of most people. It is only by walking the Path with a Heart that the warrior comes to understand the true meaning of love.

Том VI

… inherent within 7 is the very essence of intelligent co-operation, in that for any incarnation to have real meaning and purpose, there must be a fully intelligent co-operation between the dreamer and the dreamed. In fact, the dreamer always does co-operate fully and intelligently with the dreamed, but the same cannot always be said of the dreamed. Therefore what is implied by guidance is that the dreamed must be willing to accept the challenges posed for it within life upon the physical plane by the dreamer, for only in this way can there be a fully intelligent co-operation between both the dreamed and the dreamer. As a result, it would not be incorrect to say that 7 is also the number of intelligent co-operation.

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