Letter of invitation for the people of the Russian Federation

Dear Friends,


First, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sotirios Galanopoulos and I am the moderator of the online teaching facility known as the “Toltec Legacy”. I have had the honour and the privilege to be a personal apprentice of Théun Mares. This first Letter of Invitation is, mainly, addressing those of you who have, in one way or another, familiarised yourselves with the Toltec Teachings and therefore I do not need to explain to you who Théun was.

After his passing, a group of us that have shared the same roof and worked with him throughout the years, took it upon ourselves to continue to honour his legacy as per his final instructions to us. We do not like to be referred to as merely a group because it sounds too impersonal for the type of bond that we share. We prefer to be referred to as a Family. And, suffice it to say that after a certain amount of challenges that followed Théun’s death, the Family bestowed upon me the rare honour of being the moderator of Toltec Legacy.

As you may have already seen in the extensive trailer of www.toltec-legacy.com , it is an online teaching facility that accepts people who are serious about working with the Toltec teachings and who are willing to deposit a subscription fee.

Once you decide to become a member, you have access to an enormous amount of material; material that is mostly personalised guidance that Théun offered to his apprentices during his time as a teacher. The teachings, as depicted in the books, are a most valuable and practical tool for the spiritual seeker of today. Nevertheless, given the fact that in the books Théun is addressing a vast audience, the approach there has an, inevitable, more general connotation. But in these personalised tools that Toltec Legacy is offering, the guidance that is given each time to the individual apprentice is very specific, is very much to the point, addressing real life challenges the apprentice was facing.

Therefore, this type of guidance is enormously powerful because it is a direct application of the Toltec Teachings in the life of the individual who has chosen to walk this Path and live the teachings rather than approach them academically. The members of Toltec Legacy, having had the opportunity to work with these tools, they apply them in their everyday life and they share this experience in a space we call the “Living Room”. In that space, under my supervision, we support each other in living the teachings and in facing our life challenges impeccably. That way, we en-rich our lives beyond imagining and we keep the teachings alive as we be-come the teachings ourselves.

Both the group of people who are already members of Toltec Legacy as well as myself would love to welcome as many of you as is possible on Toltec Legacy. We’d consider it our privilege and our honour to work together with you. However, this invitation is far more than a mere attempt to recruit subscribers.


In the Introduction to volume II of the Toltec Teachings, under the title “Challenges of the Present Day”, Théun is defining for humanity the challenges that we all face at this point in time. However today, twenty-three years later, we are facing a far more dire situation than the one Théun described back then. Humanity did not demonstrate any serious signs of reversing its highly destructive course. Unfortunately, the events that, twenty-three years ago, Théun chose to describe in his Introduction as a hopeful future have not taken place. On the contrary, the ugly seed of separateness has grown. And, given the fact that many powerful countries, powerful from a military perspective, possess a nuclear arsenal, a total destruction of the planet and of all life upon it is not science fiction anymore.

There are quite a few “walls” as well as barriers in the world today; they separate people and prevent them from acquiring consciousness around the fact that we are all part of the one humanity, sharing a common purpose and a common future. The experience of the two world wars that took place during the past century should have been enough to teach us about the absolute folly of such carnage. Yet, paradoxically enough, this has not been the case. One does not need to be an expert on international politics in order to realise that there exists today a very real danger of humanity going down that same road! And the cherry on top is that this time around there is on the table the prospect of a religious war as well. A prospect that spells destruction like never seen before, in all levels.

One of the “thickest” walls that are dividing humanity today is the one existing between the Russian Federation and the so-called western world. There is no logic behind such separateness but unfortunately there are forces among humanity that have invested in this very separateness and, sadly enough, these forces seem to be prevailing.

Most of you are familiar with the introduction to volume I that Théun wrote especially for the Russian edition of the book. (Those of you who are not, it is very easy to find online.) Therefore you are aware of the link between the Russian nation and the age-old challenge of Atlantis that has re-appeared in order to be resolved by humanity; I wouldn’t have anything more to add to that. However, there is another aspect of the history of the Russian nation that I feel the need to briefly address, not in an attempt to promote glamour and nationalism but in an attempt to use one of the most valuable lessons of Russian history for the benefit of the whole of humanity today.


I am not going to reside upon the face value of this historical event; at the end of the day I do not see what I could say about this war that you do not already know. I wish to approach it within context of the Toltec teachings and, hopefully, share with you a different perspective.

You may have heard about the concept of stalking; without getting too technical, stalking is the not-doing of the self, it is a true art which the warrior conquers with time and practice. In time, the disciplined warrior learns to stalk both himself as well as all of life around him in a most life supportive dance. Théun dedicated an entire book, volume IV, to the art of stalking; a book I thoroughly recommend to the serious student of the Toltec teachings.

Suffice it to say that stalking consists of Four Postulates, and of the Stalker’s Rule, which has seven aspects. The third aspect of the Stalker’s Rule dictates that: “A warrior is always ready to make his last stand right here and right now”. The implications of this third aspect of the Stalker’s Rule alone are vast but for the purpose of this Letter suffice it to say that, especially if performed with the full intent of the individual, it is a very powerful act. And if it is performed with the collective intent of a group of people or a nation, its power is truly formidable!

During the conflict that is known as World War II, probably the darkest year was the year 1942. I do not wish to get more technical on this as it transcends the purpose of this Letter of Invitation. Suffice it to say that the dark forces of nazism were advancing in all fronts and they seemed unstoppable. Europe had fallen under their conquest and they were very much advancing on the Eastern front as well. Around the month of July, Hitler personally developed the plans for the attack on Stalingrad, today Volgograd, and during August the attack for the bloodiest battle in human history was initiated. Up until that point, the nazi army had been practically undefeated.

As darkness seemed to be “swallowing” everything, suddenly there appeared Light through all that darkness. The Russian people collectively decided to make their last stand. It was a most wonderful and life supportive act that changed the tide of the war as well as human history forever! This product of the combined intent of the Russian people has been eloquently verbalised in the immortal words of Vasily Zaytsev: “For us there was no land beyond the Volga!”, and lead to the defeat of the nazis that was sealed on February of 1943.

It is exactly that spirit that humanity direly needs today. Not because we wish to fight a physical face value war with machineguns and canons but because all of us who constitute humanity need to step into the unknown, the inevitable result of having made our last stand. After the Cry of the Eagle, this is a true, an actual act of survival for humanity.


This communication falls within context of all that I’m sharing with you above. It may be a Letter of Invitation, however it is not meant to be a one time reaching out that will become frozen in time. Those of us who work for Toltec Legacy have decided to establish a constant and open communication with you. In other words, during specific time frames, we shall be reaching out to you, sharing what are the most pressing issues for all of us, sharing our challenges and how we manage to handle them within context of the teachings, but mostly sharing what is the benefit that we receive from living the teachings.

Our most heartfelt target is that many among you will see for yourselves the benefits of what the teachings have to offer you on a practical level and, hopefully, you will decide to join us in Toltec Legacy. There we plan to pioneer by having people from both the Russian Federation as well as from the western countries working and resolving their challenges together, in a true act of intelligent co-operation. We plan to establish a new way of working together so at some point we may reach out and share with the entire humanity that there is an alternative model to the current course of destruction.

Our aim is indeed ambitious but we wouldn’t have initiated this if we didn’t deeply believe in ourselves as well as in the teachings and in the practical advantages they have to offer to the seeker of today. We hope that in time, this space, this link we wish to establish, will become for you a place that you will be seeking out, a space of contemplation but also a space of hope. We will operate this space together with the https://www.toltec-legacy-blog.com/, a space where we will be addressing mostly people from the western world. Those among you who speak English however are more than welcomed to follow it as well.

The main objective, which is also the objective of this current Letter of Invitation, is to end up welcoming as many of you as is possible to Toltec Legacy and to work towards encouraging humanity to embrace its true heritage, the Toltec Teachings.

Friends, I’m very much looking forward to the days to come.

With my love to each and everyone of you


August 11, 2018.

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