Acting upon our feelings


What is the best approach in learning to open the heart?


Learn to TRUST your feelings, for only in this way can you truly open the heart. Trusting your feelings means ACTING upon them in some way. HOW you act upon them is up to you because you can ONLY act upon feelings WITHIN the CONTEXT of your life. But as your life is not my life I cannot tell you how to do this. Simply strive to be wide awake at ALL TIMES and you will be able to see very clearly HOW to act upon your feelings.

Acting upon your feelings will bring forth CONSEQUENCES, and the trick here lies in being able to see the consequences for what they truly are, for THEREIN lies the NEW KNOWLEDGE uncovered. It is the NEED for this new knowledge which sparks off the feelings in the first place. However, I cannot stress enough how EXTREMELY IMPORTANT it is NOT to try to INTERPRET feelings, but rather to ACT upon them. The moment you interpret a feeling you have LOST the PLOT, for you will have interpreted it according to your view of the world and therefore keep yourself STUCK! Whereas if you ACT upon the feeling you WILL gain NEW KNOWLEDGE, which is not only good in itself, but it is also this new knowledge gained that enables you to start dismantling your view of the world and thereby gain fluidity of perception.

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