Escaping the trap of personal history

To be a warrior means that you can survive the machinations of power – an act which only becomes possible through listening to the heart. In order to listen to the heart you must follow your feelings; but as with anything that a warrior does, and which holds true power, listening to the heart appears to be so insignificant and trivial that average man never deems it worthy of his attention. Average man regards his view of the world, and acting within the context of that view, as infinitely superior to listening to the heart. Only by erasing personal history can one begin to see and eliminate the restraints of one’s view of the world.

Personal history is the self image a man has acquired because of his view of the world – an image which he projects into the world around him. Personal history is not what a man knows about himself. It is what he has led others to believe about him, because of what he thinks about himself. Consequently, concepts such as age, place of birth and parentage can only have meaning within the context of personal history.

We are all the product of our thoughts and feelings; that is, the product of our personal history; and the circumstances in which our fate unfolds arise because we have called them forth according to our view of the world.

In order to maintain our personal history we have to justify our every action, word, feeling, and thought to those around us. If, on the other hand, we have no personal history, no explanations or justifications are necessary, for people simply accept us as they do any stranger. People only tend to question when we have led them to believe that they know us, and it is through their questioning that they start to corner us into having to justify our actions.

The problem with man is that he deceives himself into believing that he is living a truthful life, while he is constantly justifying his existence to everyone around him. Yet he fails to see that justifications are merely lies used to uphold his personal history. In the absence of personal history it is impossible to lie, for in the absence of personal history there is only life, and one cannot lie about what is.

Volume VI

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