Taking stock and claiming gifts

For September we suggest the theme of “Taking stock and claiming gifts”. It is the 9th month of the year of Freedom and Change (2021 = 5) and many ideas, projects, relationships are coming to fruition. So before moving on to the next spiral of life we suggest to pause, take stock and to claim gifts of power.

To help you navigate this month, follow The Hermit from the Tarot card number nine.

He says to us:

I walk alone at night, holding aloft my Light in my right hand, and with a staff in my left hand. I never wear my hood of red, for I follow my heart and therefore have no need of sobriety.

I walk always towards the right, for I seek to light the ways of men.

I serve no-one other than the One Life. I work not for an existence, for I am alive.

I wear the cloak of midnight blue, enveloped within feeling and melancholy.

I have a brother, The Magician, but he and I never cross paths, as our paths are one. I have yet another brother, The Fool, but our relationship is naught anyone can see.

I bring completion.

COMPLETION brings about VITALITY, but this can only take place when you see completion for what it truly is! For example, is a housewife’s work EVER done? No! For no sooner have you washed, dried and packed away the dishes, when it is time to take them out and dirty them once more! The same with laundry, etc. And so with completion! Completion is forever folding back upon itself within the PROCESS of EVOLUTION! The trick lies in learning to work WITH the process, rather than AGAINST it.

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