Happiness versus Joy


Théun, why do you never mention happiness, other than the book you wrote about this topic? But even then you referred to it as being elusive.


LOL! One of the biggest follies inherent within human nature is to seek that GOAL termed happiness! But whilst we seek happiness for the sake of being happy, we ALWAYS end up missing the plot, for the simple reason that in order to be happy we start to COMPROMISE and to become unreal to our true selves! The warrior knows this from having learned it the hard way, and therefore also knows that the only true happiness there is, is in treading the Path with a Heart IMPECCABLY! In this he IS a FREE being! Freedom does not mean having free choice, for none of us really have any choice at all. We do NOT dictate the waves of the SEA, and neither do we dictate destiny! Destiny simply IS. Fate simply IS. Therefore true freedom means having GIVEN ourselves the freedom to follow our hearts impeccably.

Consequently as warriors we may EN-JOY the journey, but it is a fool’s game to pursue the goal, and happiness is the most desired goal upon the planet.

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Joy, my friend, is NOT something that happens to you when your life is panning out the way you want it to, for that is what is commonly known as happiness! Instead JOY is the result of an INNER state of beingness – a QUIETNESS and a deep-seated sense of PEACE that comes from KNOWING that you are being utterly IMPECCABLE in your every thought, emotion and action.

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