The New that the Spirit brings

One of the most profound implications inherent within the concept of living on the edge is the fact that this is where life is for ever new, for ever nascent. Consequently, for the warrior living on the edge, life is never stagnant or repetitious, or boring.

Volume IV

The assumptions that we made about life yesterday will not necessarily hold tomorrow. And as life shifts very rapidly both internally and externally, one has move very swiftly to dance with the unpredictable universe.


Théun, you refer to living on the edge. Does this mean to live in an intense state of uncertainty?


No. To live on the edge means that you are WILLING to take your CHANCES no matter what the RISKS involved may be! This does NOT mean that the warrior is CARE-LESS; on the contrary, the warrior CARES so very MUCH about what is important to him that he will go to ANY lengths to materialise what is important for him. And what is important for the warrior? It is to live his or her life WITHOUT REGRETS!

To live in uncertainty means the complete opposite to living on the edge. To live in uncertainty means that you are never sure if you are going to succeed or not, whether you are going to be happy or not, whether you are going to have a job or not! But the warrior has no such fears or doubts! The warriors KNOWS because the warrior INTENDS to LIVE his life to the FULL, irrespective of what this means practically! But to LIVE life FULLY means being WILLING to RISK your EVERYTHING!

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