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Dear Friends,

One of the most ancient civilisations of our planet, the Chinese, has created a wish, which expresses quite a noble sentiment: “May you live in interesting times!”

Today, we live in truly “interesting times”! The so-called “western world”, bearing a mentality that is quite different than that of the Chinese, has come to call them “difficult times”!

We experience a deterioration on all aspects of the human social, economic and political endeavour. I do not believe that I need to expand on this deterioration, as, by now, it has become common ground for all of us. The latest common challenge of the covid-19 has managed to demonstrate how exposed our societies are, how little they can be of true service to their citizens. And, unfortunately, this exposure is not confined only in the material aspect of social life; it expands on its emotional and mental levels as well.

During, at least, the past three decades, MANY have stepped forward waving some “recipe” and presenting it as the solution to this crisis that humanity has been facing. Certain of those individuals or groups have been well-meaning and certain may have had their own agendas.

Personally, I do not bear an affiliation to “conspiracies”, with or without the quotation marks; not because there aren’t any but because even if there are, this fact does NOT change what the rest of us NEED to do in order to secure a future for humanity. A future in which human beings won’t have to struggle merely to SURVIVE but in which they will experience the full scope of true LIVING! It is THERE that I choose to place the focus; so, I refuse to immerse in negativity, darkness and hopelessness. I refuse to even consider the PHANTOMS that the various conspiracists imply.

The term “crisis” is a Greek word. It means “judgement”. NOT the kind of judgement that comes from “above” indiscriminately and which the various priesthoods use as a tool to instil FEAR. This judgement is the product of an EVALUATION process. Therefore, the current crisis we are experiencing constitutes a THRESHOLD for humanity. A threshold WHERE first we need to evaluate our course so far and THEN proceed to make a choice.

It is not the purpose of this posting to expand on the evaluation. Quite besides which, if you believed that humanity’s course has been an appropriate one, you wouldn’t be reading these lines. So, let us agree that humanity’s course, especially during the past three decades, has allowed destruction and separateness to reign free. And let us proceed to place the focus on the CHOICES available for the way forward.

Here, allow me to briefly pause and share with you that, personally, I am the product of a set of teachings known as “Toltec”. Unfortunately, the term “Toltec” has acquired a very bad reputation and is being linked to things like hallucinogens, drugs, witchcraft, shamanism, cults and to many other such nonsense in general. It “owes” this reputation to the various individuals who tried to exploit the large audience of Carlos Castaneda in order to promote their own greed and self-importance, if not other, more sinister, agendas.

The truth of the matter is that “Toltec” means simply a man or woman of knowledge; so, by the term “Toltec teachings” we refer to a set of TOOLS that these beings of knowledge put together to assist their fellow human beings first in learning how to APPRECIATE Life and second in MAKING the BEST out of each individual life-time.

These tools are at the disposal of EVERY single one of us. Actually, they constitute our birthright and all we need to do in order to exercise this our right is to just CLAIM it! To all intents and purposes, these teachings ARE humanity’s heritage. At this point, I’d like to quote my own teacher, Théun Mares, who instructed humanity how to claim its heritage:

“The first step in this process is relatively simple, but the effects of introducing man to his divine birthright are profoundly significant. By being able to COMPARE present world knowledge with his natural heritage, man will at last be able to discriminate wisely, and thus will the one true light emerge, sweeping all before it into the much-needed transformation within every sphere of human endeavour.”
(From the chapter “Challenges of the Present Day”, Toltec teachings volume II)

In other words, the “present world knowledge” is the POINT OF DEPARTURE for humanity in order to claim its heritage. And since the concept of KNOWLEDGE is the KEY for this point of departure for all of us, I feel it is imperative to clarify what do we understand and, consequently, what do we mean by “knowledge”?

The term “knowledge” originates in the old English “cnāwan”, which originates in the Latin “gnoscere”, which originates in the Greek “gignoskein”. It refers to facts and skills acquired via EXPERIENCE. I cannot possibly overemphasise the significance of the fact that the acquisition of true knowledge takes place via EXPERIENCE. Therefore, the acquisition of INFORMATION via reading books or via any other of the modern means of publishing information does NOT constitute true knowledge. The IMPLICATIONS of this particular definition of knowledge are vast. For the purposes of this posting, however, I shall only deal with the ones that are of immediate concern for us.

First of all, it is not possible for any one individual to take hold of the entire present world knowledge; it is not possible for any one individual to have personally experienced the entire world knowledge in order to COMPARE it with our natural heritage, as per Théun’s admonition above.

So, each one of us may take hold of his/her OWN experiential knowledge and only. That simple act of discrimination nevertheless is enormously POWER-FULL. Imagine the tremendous amount of misinformation, of false “history”, of pseudo-science and many other nonsense in general that will be filtered via this simple act. If each one of us becomes responsible for his/her experiential knowledge, we shall manifest a TRUE STRENGTH through DIVERSITY.

Second, no one will be more or less important than the next person; because each one of us will possess a snippet of knowledge that will be UNIQUE! And the collective comparison of that individual knowledge with humanity’s heritage will bring forth a new generation, a new state of world workers, focused on the practicalities of life upon the physical plane. There exists today a DIRE need for such true workers. The last thing humanity needs today is yet another theoretical -ism; we truly do not need another creator of some theoretical political system, which works in the books and in classrooms but it’ll take humanity another century to realise that it doesn’t work with actual Life out there.

Third, the collective state of being of a humanity in which such workers will be leading by example, will be WIDE AWAKE. The immediate result of this is that it will NOT be possible to CONTROL such an awakened humanity by anyone group that would WISH that it could actually control people.

I shall stop here, as I feel I have shared with you the three more important implications of comparing our current knowledge with our heritage. At this point, I urge you not to become disheartened by certain somewhat obvious questions:

– What are the chances of humanity waking up and manifesting such a collective state?

– Why would people in general accept the fact that the Toltec teachings IS IN-DEED humanity’s true heritage?

The answer to the above questions is also obvious: We do NOT need to wake up SIMULTANEOUSLY! I feel that if enough among us initiate such a simple process, then the results will speak for themselves. So, more and more people will choose to become a part of this process and, eventually, they WILL acquire enough MOMENTUM to implement true POSITIVE CHANGE within the world of human endeavour. All it takes is for some of us to INITIATE this process, to be-come PIONEERS!

The purpose of this posting IS towards that direction. Let’s say it is an Introduction. There shall be quite a few more postings to follow. At the end of this text, you will also find some links for the above implementation that certain of our Toltec Legacy apprentices have created for their own individual countries. More such links will be added in the next few months. You will be able to see and experience how humanity’s heritage has benefitted those individual apprentices and, if you find your own country there, it’ll be easier for you to compare your current experience with theirs.

It is our most sincere HOPE and WISH that you will decide to, at least, give it a try; that you will decide to follow us, as we try to lead by example. And, hopefully, sometime along the way you will decide to ACTIVELY join us. All it takes is an ACT of your INTENT!

With all my love and hope
Sotirios Galanopoulos
Moderator of “Toltec Legacy”

The website “Toltec Legacy” “Toltec Legacy” (TL) is an online teaching facility for people who wish to use the tools offered by Toltec tradition in order to improve their everyday lives. You may find it here:

Initially, it was created in order to work with “Firefox” and only. Nevertheless, we recently decided that 12 years later, we needed to review this policy as it is not very practical with today’s standards. Therefore, we have converted TL in order to be able to:

  1. Review its public pages in all possible web-browsers and technologies: This is already available online.

  2. Subscribe to it and enjoy its main two applications in all possible web-browsers and technologies. Those applications are: “The Study”, where the subscriber may find an enormous amount of personalised guidance offered by Théun Mares to his apprentices over the years as well as the books he has written and “The Living Room” where apprentices who actively work with the Toltec teachings interact under my supervision and share how the teachings en-rich their existing lives. This will be available in a few days’ time.

It goes without saying that the TL original format as was created for “Firefox” is still up and running. Another issue we reviewed is the subscription fees. In a few days when the new TL subscription format, compatible with all browsers and technologies, will go live I shall inform you of the new policies.

For now, please allow me to share certain links created by TL Dutch and Bulgarian apprentices:

Wat is er aan de orde voor mannen in deze tijd?

What is at issue for men today?

leven als krijger

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