Chosing between Old and New – guidance for year

2004, being a (6) year takes us firmly into the realm of my most favourite place, namely, the North, that is, the BATTLEFIELD, the place of ACTION and of MATERIALISATION! 🙂 Many will argue in terms of, “But we are always on the battlefield, so what makes THIS year any different?” True! The warrior IS always meeting one challenge after another, every day of his or her life, but it is not always that we have the opportunity of being able to do so with the SUPPORT that comes from the VIBRATION of a (6) year! By this I am NOT implying that a (6) year is MORE important than any other year! I am merely saying that at no other time is a warrior’s strength of purpose and intent tested more severely than within a (6) year, for always within this vibration we are brought hard up against having to CHOOSE BETWEEN THE OLD and THE NEW! The (6) DEMANDS, not only that we CHOOSE with great CARE at every turn in the road, but even more importantly, that we make DEFINITIVE DECISIONS that change forever the course of our lives! What can possibly be more exhilarating and exciting than this? The warrior lives by challenge, and therefore he or she SAVOURS every moment of every step taken towards IRREVOCABLE CHANGE! This is the very meaning within what is termed dancing the edge! Whenever faced with having to choose between the Old and the New, average man because of his fear, tends to shrink AWAY from the challenge, away from the edge, towards what he deems to be safer ground, and thus if given the chance to do so, will always choose for the safety of the KNOWN, the Old, rather than to run the risk of going over the edge!

But there is nothing new to be gained from remaining within the relative safety of the KNOWN! There is no creativity! There is no skill in action! There is no joy! By remaining within the KNOWN we can at very best keep on PERFECTING REPRODUCTION! We can at best keep on PERFECTING our BEHAVIOUR, our VIEW OF THE WORLD and our SELF-IMAGE as we strive towards PERFECTING our SKILL at ducking and diving our challenges in an effort to PERFECT the RE-ENACTMENT of our FOLLY! Oh yes, we can say, we can even shout and scream that we DO WANT to change, and we can even DEMAND that others RESPECT the levels of PERFECTION we DO acquire at REPRODUCTION! But MODIFICATION of behaviour is NOT change! The acquisition of a broader, more all-encompassing and therefore more tolerant view of the world is NOT change! The strengthening of a self-image is NOT change! Gaining skill in HOW we re-enact our folly is also NOT change! And deep down inside we know that all such so-called changes are not REAL changes, but merely COSMETIC changes that enable us to JUSTIFY our fear of bringing about DEFINITIVE CHANGE. Consequently none of this ever brings us any real joy, but at best a few fleeting moments of transitory happiness. But even within those fleeting moments of happiness our hearts never sing, and we can sense that just now, tomorrow or next week we will again feel consumed by an utter sense of melancholy, despair, apathy and a dull sense of inner longing for an elusive fulfillment that gnaws away at the mind!

No warrior can willfully and deliberately CHOOSE such an existence! And so for the warrior there is only ONE choice that he or she CAN make, and that is to LEARN to embrace the NEW in LEARNING to LIVE on the edge! This he or she does by MEASURED PACE, meaning ACTING AS IF, which also means not-doing the OLD in choosing the relative safety of the KNOWN! In time that acting as if leads to the PERSONAL POWER and the SELF-CONFIDENCE needed in order to TRULY ACT from the HEART, and then the warrior begins to DANCE the edge (,) as the world of fluidity, true skill in action, creativity, spontaneity and joy start to come within his GRASP! And with that GRASP the warrior finally KNOWS what it is to stand FREE from the debilitating restraints of his or her self-image so as to ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE within the process of life, and what it is to stand FREE from the encumbering limitations of his or her view of the world so as to be able to PASSIVELY ACCEPT the process of life, HIS or HER life, a unit of the ONE LIFE, the nagal within! There is no greater JOY than to know the meaning of true LOVE; and there is no greater PEACE than to know the meaning of true HUMILITY! With that love and with that humility comes the FREEDOM to BE truly ALIVE! B-:)

So, as you can see, for the warrior who finds his clarity in the East, who listens to his heart in the West, who gathers his courage in the South, life is only worth LIVING when he is challenged upon the battlefield of the North to USE his clarity, his heart and his courage in MATERIALISING his FATE upon earth! Of what use is clarity, or feeling, or courage, if we never USE it in the MATERIALISATION of our dreams? And how are we to materialize anything unless we ACT? But how can we act when we have NO DESIRE to choose for the NEW? The OLD brings forth only RE-ENACTMENT, the RE-PRODUCTION of that which already exists!

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