True healing — going beyond the symptoms

All disease is due to a lack of knowledge of SELF.

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Man’s only justification for physical existence is to learn; this is his destiny which he cannot avoid under any circumstances.

Volume I

Medicine from the angle of relationships is the art of erasing personal history. By personal history, I mean the you that you think you are, and that you are constantly holding up for everyone to see. In other words, your personal history is in ever y possible respect your self-image. But unless you can change that self-image, you are never going to have the freedom to be anything other than your behaviour! And this in turn, will mean that you will never get in touch with the real you behind all of that behaviour which comes about because of your social conditioning. Therefore see medicine in terms of healing yourself by changing your self-image.

Volume III


Théun, as a doctor, how best can I help my patients?


You CANNOT help anyone, X, for WHAT is help?

This is the FIRST question you should be asking yourself in terms of medicine and being a healer. Help, my friend, is a VERY BIG word! But GUIDANCE is an altogether different kettle of fish! We, you and me, can GUIDE people towards the CLARITY they NEED in order to help themselves, but neither you nor I can DO it FOR them! Never ever forget this, otherwise you will end up BLAMING YOURSELF for the failure of others! Quite beside which, my friend, neither you nor I have the RIGHT, and neither do we have the WISDOM to be able to determine someone’s TRUE fate within a lifetime. You as a healer, and I as a nagal, MAY be able to see a TINY BIT of a person’s fate, and by giving that person GUIDANCE upon what we CAN see, we can GUIDE that person towards finding his or her own CLARITY! But more than this we CANNOT do! Doctors today seem to believe that it is THEIR responsibility to KNOW BETTER than the patient’s Dreamer, but is this not ARROGANCE personified? Is it not GROSS INTERFERENCE in the fate of a human being?

Article on Toltec Legacy


What is the cause of illness? We’ve been talking about indwelling being that needs to experience life. Does it use circumstances such as illness as well? For example, if I catch a virus, my indwelling being says: OK, I will use this opportunity to be ill.


No, it does not work like that. Probably the perception you have is that illness in itself is a necessary experience. But as I said to you earlier, a lot of illnesses are completely uncalled for. They are man-made. What you need is experience of life. Now, let us take for example that it is absolutely necessary for you to experience the pain of loss. And you call forth an experience in your life when you do experience a huge sense of loss. But how you react to that pain of loss will determine the outcome on the dense physical plain. Some people will simply acknowledge the pain of loss, they can see why they called that experience and even what they need to learn from the pain of loss. And that is OK, that is where experience will stop. Others may resist it, kick against it, start to feel like victim of life. Instead of learning from this experience, they are resisting the process. In order to force them to start learning, the situation must get worse and worse. What normally start to happen, when person starts to resist the process, huge amount of stress start to build up. That stress impacts nervous system, which in turn will impact physical body. If that stress continues for long enough, and gets worse and worse, at some point it starts to manifest in physical body as a release mechanism. The person starts feeling dis-ease, not well. They are no longer at ease within their physical body. They start to have physical symptoms, like headache, insomnia, inability to digest food, etc. But it all result of accumulated stress. If that situation continues to get worse and worse, then that dis-ease will eventually manifest in some form of illness. And invariably it will be the weakest part that is affected. For example, if the person has weak digestive system, he may have stomach ulcer or even, if it is really bad, colon cancer. But really it is the person calls it through resistance to the process of learning. It was learning of experience that was called forth. Only if person did not want to cope with the experience, it will manifest firstly as dis-ease, which will give way to full on illness of sorts.

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