April: Fluidity – the ability to flow with a situation

… what is required of L now is fluidity – the ability to flow with a situation, rather than to reject it at face value. Having got this far, L can no longer react towards the world around her in her accustomed manner, and therefore she has to learn to trust the process of life. This she will accomplish through not-doing. However, her trust in the process of life cannot be based upon blind faith, for if L is to act upon blind faith, she will very quickly be able to confirm to herself that there are indeed people in this world who cannot be trusted.

Feeling has nothing whatsoever to do with blind faith but is nonetheless the opposite side of the coin to sobriety. Having seen the interrelationship of life, L knows from experience that life is not what it appears to be – meaning that she cannot judge people or situations according to her old view of the world. Therefore, the only thing left for L to do when faced with either an unknown person or an unknown situation, is to act upon gut feeling. This is what is meant by listening to one’s heart. Previously L would have reacted almost entirely upon the logical assumptions she would have gleaned from her view of the world, part of which was her belief that no man can be trusted. Now she has to learn to trust her heart, or her feelings, in any situation.

Volume II

By far the most important implication as far as our present consideration of the teachings is concerned, is that because life on the edge is for ever new, the warrior is living in a constant state of flux and change and is therefore continuously adjusting his or her perception of life and also of the world in general. This is the very meaning of being a fluid warrior and of having a fluid assemblage point, but fluidity in itself is not a goal as such, but merely the means to a far greater end, namely achieving the totality of the self. However, as we have already learned from the third postulate of stalking, we are a mystery and although we also know from the second postulate that it is our duty to solve that mystery, we should nevertheless not engage the hope of ever being able to do so. The implications here are quite clear, but also staggering, for realise that the totality of the self is therefore not a goal, but merely a necessary stepping stone into an even greater journey, an even greater adventure of self-discovery.

At the end of the day, the only thing which really matters is that we achieve total awareness, but in order to do this, we must have a fluid assemblage point, so that we can move and shift it to bring about any alignment of energy fields that may be necessary. Fluidity, however, can only start once the realisation has been made that there is more than just one view of the world: this in itself calls for sobriety, and sobriety can only be achieved through recapitulation.

Volume IV

Clearly, if it is so easy for you to learn to pick up a rabbit by its ears because of its predictable routines, then as a hunter you would be extremely careless to be predictable yourself. A hunter will only ever behave in a predictable manner if he wants to be picked up — a very good ploy to use on someone who is already an accomplished hunter and therefore very unpredictable in his or her own routines. Consequently, if you don’t want to be the next rabbit, then your own movements and actions must become unpredictable.

For example, if your marriage is rocky, and you suspect that your husband may be having an affair with someone else, then it is just plain stupid always to go and play bridge on Thursday evenings from 18h00 to 23h00. If you do, you will just be inviting trouble. If, on the other hand, you vary your routines, there is much less chance of him having an affair, and the likelihood is that by having become unpredictable you will have eliminated the. boredom in your marriage, which might well also turn out to be the cause of your problems. In any event, bear in mind that predictability means that you are not being fluid, and in not being fluid you will invariably be stubborn, forceful and domineering, opinionated and, above all, just plain boring! Who wants to remain faithful to such a jerk?

Volume III

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