November: The need for strength

November is the 11th month and hence our theme is “The need for strength”

Numerologically speaking, this past September and onward is the very time of transition between a 6-year (2022 = 6 Choosing between the old and the new) and a 7-year (2023 = guidance from your dreamer). Which means in particular:

The biggest challenge in making the transition from a (6) vibration to a (7), is in RESOLVING the Old, and therefore letting it GO, BEFORE we embark upon the (7).

Article on Toltec Legacy

Resolving the old means taking the gifts out of it and letting it go! This takes strength.

Resolving does not mean getting stuck in studying forever what gets in our way or – worse still – leaving that job for a better time. In fact, this is a part of the old doing. It also does not mean doing it from the mind only. In fact, it is done much faster if the heart is allowed to lead the way; if the focus is on the positive and the new – and on living it, taking action!

What do we mean by “strength”?


Not-doing yields that quality which can only be fully expressed by the term strength. The term ‘strength’, as used by Toltecs, is defined as an inner conviction arrived at through experience, and acted upon with a firmness and a confidence that is completely persuasive. Strength is closely allied to sobriety, in that strength can be acquired only when warriors are acting from the point where there is no doubt in their mind. To have such clarity demands that warriors have been utterly truthful and unbiased in assessing any given situation, and can therefore proceed with the full conviction that their decisions and acts are free from prejudice.

What is generally known as self-confidence is not really self-confidence at all, but rather what Toltecs refer to as being hooked to one’s fellow man.


The meaning of strength is being convinced that one can act on one’s own, independent of approval from one’s fellow men. This implies firstly, that one is convinced the decision one has taken is correct; and secondly, that one’s conviction is strong enough not to waver should one encounter even violent opposition from one’s fellow men. Generally very few people are capable of acting in this manner, because usually it does not take much opposition before they begin to doubt themselves. In most cases it is only the bigot who will forge ahead amidst opposition; but the acts of such a man are usually based upon stubbornness, and rarely upon sobriety.

Volume II


I don’t see why it is so important to be vulnerable. Quite frankly, being vulnerable to me means being weak and miserable.


The first thing you NEED to DO, is to drop the bullshit of, “I am STRONG, and therefore NOT vulnerable!” True strength is NOT to be found in INSENSITIVITY! Sure a brick is not vulnerable, but who can RELATE to a brick? Sometimes I talk to the WALLS in my home for hours on end, but the stupid things NEVER respond, in fact, they don’t even RE-ACT!

No, my friend, TRUE strength is to be found in that OPENNESS of heart EXPRESSED as SENSITIVITY, and ultimately, VULNERABILITY! Any other FORM of strength is nothing but FORCE, and ultimately CRUELTY! You are so BUSY being strong that you are every bit as TOUGH as old boots, and just about AS sensitive!

Article on Toltec Legacy

The only way in which to tackle this challenge lies in finding the TIME in which there is that QUIETNESS of life that EN-ABLES us to RESOLVE the Old in favour of the New.

Article on Toltec Legacy

Attention is not what you have become conditioned into believing it is. Attention is a true pause. To pause implies being suspended without internal dialogue — a state of awareness in which there is total objectivity, detachment and respect.

Volume VI

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